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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen again!!

3 Apr

As you well know from regular reading of this blog, I like the TMNT franchise, well parts of it, always have since the days of the old palladium RPG (which is how I got into it in the first place) So other turtles fans will be pleased to hear that the new movie is almost upon us.

Again, we’re faced with yet another Hollywood reboot, this time from Michael Bay of the recent Transformers movies (Yeah the terrible ones, gimme the cartoon anyday and that was crap!) so it could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Plus side, it’s got Megan Fox in it, and I’d watch most things with her in them, not for artistic merit or the story, just because she is fine! Another plus, it’s the turtles, so I’ll watch it anyway!

As you can see from the teaser trailer, they aren’t giving too much away, but apparently they are still finishing post production stuff, FX and all that, so it might well differ from the snippets in the clip.

The franchise has long had a history of reinventing itself, so the reboot is nothing new (Have you seen the new animated series?) so expect the details to change, but the core ideas stay more or less the same I imagine.

Cowabunga dudes!!


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Mongoose Vs Meerkat 15mm madness from MM!

7 Feb

12142 12145

On new releases, Magister Militum miniatures have got a horde of oriental inspired fantasy Mongoose in 15mm scale, just the thing when you consider they have already a range of desert Meerkat warriors to relive Aleksander Orlov the Meerkat’s ancestral battles just like in the adverts for compare the market.com (no advertising for them on here!)

Don’t remember that? Check it out:

Ok, so not quite the same, but pretty similar, maybe someone could take a hint and do some napoleonic Meerkats and Mongoose? Either way, click the link to have a look at them on the MM website. (Love the ninja ones!!)

Mongeese | Magister Militum E-Commerce Shop.

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15mm Doomsday cult gains more followers, and assassins….

24 Sep

In the bag of Miniatures my wife bought for me from ebay, (bless her!!) as well as a stack of fantasy heroes and such were some ninja. What am I going to do with these? What about Doomsday cult thugee assassins? They are masked, dressed in dark colours and as we know, Ninja kick ass! They’re the same pose and are armed just with a katana/ninjato oriental sword. Ok, so they don’t have guns, but my next order to 15mm.co.uk will sort that out with some of their excellent cultists.


Who’s to say they don’t carry a hand weapon under their ninja robes? However I would like some that did have a handgun showing (If you can obtain them in 15mm?) Interestingly also in the figures she got me were some robed figures,one with a banner with a skull atop (Ideal for my icon bearer) and two hooded figures armed with scythes (ala the grim reaper) These have been assimilated into the doomsday cult ready to bring 15mm scale elder god style carnage to my tabletop soon! the great thing about the cult is its usable in other genres too, I have a feeling I’m going to have to do a full army…..






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