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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Ghetto Miniatures 1970’s New York Gang Skirmish Kickstarter

26 Sep

If your a fan of the movie “The Warriors” which follows the a gang trying to reach their Coney Island territory on a fateful night amid hostile NY gangs trying to kick their ass for the murder of unifying gang boss Cyrus (etc), then this is the KS for you!

Whilst not being 100% the licensed property, these “not” minis are a perfect match for some of those bat shit crazy gangs from the movie. Not only are minis on offer, but a skirmish game system too. The miniatures are the stars here I think, and would make great additions to your collection if your into moderns/pulp/horror etc in 28mm games. Tis’ a shame that there are no 15mm versions available here as they’d be a great fit in my zombie games, but perfect if your zombie fun is in the bigger scale!

My only reservation is that the limited edition “Caesar” figure, seems to have out of proportion hands and arms, which is only a small criticism providing that “You can dig it?”

Ghetto Miniatures are still a way off the £10,000 goal, so not quite there yet, but as usual please show your support to the independent miniature sector and  back this project, or at least share this with others you know who might be interested in getting their hands on some of these fine miniatures! The KS can be found on the link below, so get your empty bottles on your fingers, clink them together and chant: “Warriors, come out to play-ay….”


Clown News: Creepy Staten Island clown, Manchester and Cambridge Clowns also on the loose!!

3 Apr



Here’s something I never thought I’d be revisting, but once again I’m back with more new Clown News, a feature that has been rather popular here on the Grinning Skull blog. Ok, so I thought as many did, that the clown craze was just a fad that had died out, but I was wrong.

Not to be out done by us Brits, across the pond, a familiar face seems to have taken a vacation to the US, and as you can plainly see, now the Staten Island area of NY has aquired their very own northampton clown lookie-likie! Could it be either that he’s taking a holiday, or that he has cloned (or should I say Clowned!) himself?

America beware, the clowns are coming!! (please note: this was trecently revealed as a publicity stunt, so still the UK seems the home of the creepy clowns!)

Creepy Staten Island clown spotted around borough, spooks residents  – NY Daily News.

Also back at the beginning of march, there was more clown madness in the North west of England, with even more reports of clowing around, another indication that things were far from over regarding creepy clown sightings…


And now there are reports of a new clown criminal on the scene, this time down south in Cambridge, will the craze ever stop? Everytime there seems to be a lull in the sightings, up pop more costumed weirdos! Full story on auntie beeb’s website here:


Even back in January, the MET revealed they were dealing with over a hundred clown related incidents…


Is this all an indication that we are about to see a resurgence of costumed chaos?

Only time will tell…..


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Zombie warning: Bath Salts will make you eat someones face!

27 Sep

There is a disturbing street drug, those readers in the US will already know about “bath salts“, but for those who live in other countries that haven’t heard about this deadly designer drug, here’s a bit of info.


Basically the drug makes you trip out, hallucinate apparently want to eat someone, like this Miami attack, where the man on the bottom left, Rudy Eugene, supposedly on bath salts at the time was reported naked, attacking a man besides a motorway. When challenged by cops, he continued to keep munching on the victims face, an old homeless man, Ronald Poppo.

Here’s the news report from the scene:

Police officers then fired on him, subsequently ending up pumping quite a few shots into him before he finally stopped and died. So the birth of the age of the bath salts zombie cannabal face eaters has begun. There have been several more incidents across the states, but this must be one of the most bizarre things someone could do whilst high on drugs. Or is it something else. This story in the news reports that Eugene had only marijuana in his system on the toxicology report at his post mortem. Since when has a stoner got the munchies, so badly he wanted to cannabalise another. No one gets that high.


Poppo, luckily survived, but as you can see, the after effects of the attack have left him forever scarred. Before and after.

As for the controversy about the drug, there has got to be something really wrong. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen, there are several other stories like this linked with bath salts, this New York woman tried to eat her dog and attack her 3 year old, before she died.


Are we actually on the brink of a zombie apocolypse?, maybe this is all a rouse to cover up a real hidden truth behind the reason for these gruesome attacks? The media would seem to think so. What do you think?




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