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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Ghetto Miniatures 1970’s New York Gang Skirmish Kickstarter

26 Sep

If your a fan of the movie “The Warriors” which follows the a gang trying to reach their Coney Island territory on a fateful night amid hostile NY gangs trying to kick their ass for the murder of unifying gang boss Cyrus (etc), then this is the KS for you!

Whilst not being 100% the licensed property, these “not” minis are a perfect match for some of those bat shit crazy gangs from the movie. Not only are minis on offer, but a skirmish game system too. The miniatures are the stars here I think, and would make great additions to your collection if your into moderns/pulp/horror etc in 28mm games. Tis’ a shame that there are no 15mm versions available here as they’d be a great fit in my zombie games, but perfect if your zombie fun is in the bigger scale!

My only reservation is that the limited edition “Caesar” figure, seems to have out of proportion hands and arms, which is only a small criticism providing that “You can dig it?”

Ghetto Miniatures are still a way off the £10,000 goal, so not quite there yet, but as usual please show your support to the independent miniature sector and  back this project, or at least share this with others you know who might be interested in getting their hands on some of these fine miniatures! The KS can be found on the link below, so get your empty bottles on your fingers, clink them together and chant: “Warriors, come out to play-ay….”


‘Cannibal cop’, Gilberto Valle wanted to take a girl home for Thanksgiving dinner….

28 Nov
English: Thanksgiving cheer distributed for me...

MMmmm. loving the “girlmeat” Happy Thanksgiving folks!!English: Thanksgiving cheer distributed for men in service. New York City turned host to the boys in service today and cared for every man in uniform. Ca. 1918. Underwood & Underwood. (War Dept. ) Exact Date Shot Unknown . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


‘Cannibal cop’ | Gilberto Valle | New York City policeman|denied bail.

The world it seems is chocablock with all kinds of oddball loons, especially with the addition of the internet allowing these sad mental loners to correspond with other mentals that share similar ideals.

One of which is cannabalism. OK, I don’t mind talking taboo subjects, but when society creates a bubble of taboo around something, there will always be those who seek to get their damaged minds around the repression and just get nuts.

The worst of all, there seems to be an underground movement on the net of loony wannabe cannibals hooking up with each other over chatrooms and messageboards to get off on their twisted desires. Even worse is this guy was actually a cop, and was meticulously planning to abduct a female so he could slow cook her and eat her on Thanksgiving day.

Now, I’m from the UK, so as far as I’m aware, don’t you guys in the states usually have a huge turkey dinner with all the trimmings? It’s his craving for some “girl meat” that’s got him into bother, even though he hasn’t even done anything apart from “his intent” which to all we know would maybe only ever fantasised about. Still the guy is a fucking loon!

My opinion on whether I’d resort to eating another human being would be in the same sense as the crash survivors, who resorted to it to survive. Humans are to rife with disease and lurgies, and unless people were actually grown for the purpose of eating and screened for all the dirty bugs and genetic impurities the same way we do for animals, I wouldn’t touch them, even if “Long Pig” is supposed to be the most exquisite meat.

I wouldn’t eat a dog, and statistically it’s got less bugs and bacteria than an average human, so neither would I tuck into a steak of human flesh.

Maybe he thought he would make a change this year, after all isn’t it supposed to taste like “Chicken”…..





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