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Azathoth cult hoaxers uncovered.

19 Sep

So if you remember, the monument to the chaos god, Azathoth that suddenly and mysteriously turned up on  the front lawn of an Oklahoma eating establishment. Turns out it was faked (No surprise then) Creer Pipi is decoded as none other than “Eric Piper”, one of the hoaxers involved in the whole thing.

Reading the interview with the guys, it seems that I was right about the fifteen minutes of web fame these media hungry art whores wanted, and from the sounds, they need to cut back on the acid/weed/windowlene etc, and try and do something more useful than make pointless sterile concrete blocks.

Still, it intregued us for a bit, and I did say that they were indeed taking the piss (so I was right)

Over on io9 read the full interview.

Meet the mysterious men behind Oklahoma’s monument to Azathoth.

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15mm musings: 10 Scooby doo monsters that should be 15mm miniatures!

17 Sep

I’m going to be honest now, I do watch a lot of cartoons. Always have, always will, and with the fact of having four kids under the age of 13, it’s no surprise that in our house, they tend to hijack the TV mostly and watch what they want (You have to let them to save arguments!) So its a good job that I do enjoy cartoons or I’d be going mad.

My youngest two are kind of on a Scooby-Doo vibe, and watch a ton of anything to do with the franchise and I end up getting to watch all the episodes over and over, and to stop me from insanity, I get them additional material to see. All in all, I’m pretty well versed in Scooby Doo mythos.

With that in mind, lets dust of Velma’s reading glasses and take a look at some of the monsters from the vaults of Mystery Inc, and see if we can get any inspiration and ideas for 15mm miniatures, and let me present my wishlist of ten of the better spooky monsters from the series.

Kooky Space Kook:

I wouldn’t ever think that the monsters in the series are scary in any way (Bar one, see next entry) but this one I could imagine as a race of skeletal spacemen, very much in keeping up with the Dr Who monster in “Silence in the Library“, so there would be potential there. Even though he’s got a shit name, Stick a gun on him and maybe a side weapon, and you’d have some great looking 15mm baddies. I’ll admit, he’s not that detailed, but hey, space suit and skull gets my vote.

Charlie the funland robot

This one used to scare the shit out of me as a child, it’s really freaky this one, but I reckon I’d make these an inspiration on large sentinel type robots like in the X-men. They’d be easy to do, again there’s not that much detail (I’m starting to notice a pattern here…) They would be good if done in normal human sizes too, you can never have too many creepy robots. Weapons would be cool, but not essential as they would make great servants and dogsbodies too.

Gator Ghoul

Gator ghoul is just screaming out for me to create a sub race of lesser draxx, all based around the croc genus. Nasty looking cartoon Croc humanoids, heavy armour and bristling with guns. I have seen plenty of fantasy clones in 28mm, but as ever we are talking 15mm here, so there’s not much in the way of gator ghoul inspired minis in the scale. Would it be worth me doing a lesser draxx version? Let me know.

Tar Monster


This one is proper B-movie fodder, and if you’ve seen the live action movies, it was reimagined as a more disney-esque blobby monster rather like the one from Monsters Vs Aliens. I like both designs, and woudn’t mind doing a spacemonster version for my range. Obviously I’d rethink it and use it as a starting point, but they’d be cool for all sorts of pulp 15mm gaming, or depending on the size, would fit 28mm too.

The Snow Beast

A big critter, kind of like a shaggy T-rex, would be either a great fantasy or scifi monster for cold races or planets. I would imagine it being better as an polar T-rex, with more emphasis on the hair being more of a shaggy down (No, i don’t mean Shaggy is having a bad buzz on his mary jane, downy feathers!) You could have it as a wild beast, or a riding animal in your forces. I can bet there’d be nothing else out there like it, not too many that mix up dino/cold with their monsters! It’d be certainly unique!

Star Creature

This one is a WTF monster, but again it’s certainly unique, you couldn’t be accused of not thinking outside the box with these. I can’t think of any stuff like it. You could have plenty of varieties of troops, everything about them would be made of crystal. Maybe a good plan would be attempting to use the clear or translucent resins, and you be able to do almost any gemstone colour. I’m starting to think the creators of the series might have been dabbling in shaggy’s stash….

The Creepy Heap from the deep

Awfully stupid name, trippy monster! the name reminds me of “A tramp in the damp, with a little bit of cramp” or ” a judge with a grudge, and a little bit O’ fudge” from Reeves and Mortimer, but I think this one is my kind of monster. I’d like a load of them with lazers and a bit of armour, maybe borrow from lobsters or prawns with the plates. They’d have to be larger than humans, but a race of these would be great as alien mercs. If someone doesn’t make something like this soon for 15mm, I will!

The Future Monster

You might remember this episode, the one about the fake time machine, and the dissapearance of the scientist etc etc… An army of these in 15mm would be a good addition to players who long to have a truly insectoid force. The eyes on this one look shite, but for a moment imagine swapping the eyes for a more evil set, stick some weaponry on it and give it a repaint and these guys would look fine. Very retro looking too, which isn’t a bad thing. I’d buy em!

Skeleton men

These remind me of humanoid Kize from my range, they sure do share a bit of a look, which is purely coincidental, but I think I’ll be taking some inspiration from them as i develop the Kize as a force. I’ve already got many types of Kize troops pinned down, but humanoid ones were never on the cards, until I looked at these. I’d rework the design as Kize hybrid soldiers, elongate the neck and give them a proper kize head too, and the skelly detail would be adapted to chitinous armour plating. Give them some weapons and I would be happy. Lots of creepy hybrids = good fodder!!

Space ape

While there’s plenty of grey aliens available, another type isn’t going to hurt. These could be a great add on for that side, a more dominant and nastier type or caste. Give them guns and equipment, and they’d be away! Not keen on the colour of this one, but the beauty of miniatures is you can paint them how you like!

Well, there’s my round up with Doo monsters. I’d like to add, before anyone would accuse me of ripping off Hanna-Barbera, all my suggestions are in a inspirational way of thinking. Sure it would be bad to just rip off whatever, but there’s nothing wrong with a starting point to generate some new ideas in the world of 15mm. I find a lot of people just won’t think outside the box, or find it distasteful if someone does, but these days it’s getting harder and harder to find something that hasn’t been done before, so folks like to play safe with the tried and tested. I’m sure it sells better than the off the wall stuff, but you can only reinvent the wheel so many times before people realise the trick.

Feel free to let me know your top ten!!

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Chaos Worshippers! Strange monument to Azathoth appears in front of restaurant

31 Aug



Azathoth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Followers of the strange, might have seen this already, but for those who haven’t, in the US state of Oklahoma in a place called Paseo, a strange and unspeakable monument has turned up out of the blue.

No one apparently knows just who or what has put it there, or for what purpose, and it seems as if there could be a dark and brooding connection….

Inscribed on a brass plaque, it reads..

“In the year of our lord 2012, Creer Pipi, Claims this land for Azathoth

Is this an indication that sinister cults are up to no good? Or that cthonic entities are about to claw up some land in the new world? Crawling chaos indeed!

Well, as for Creer Pipi, it seems that the answer could be a few Mythos fans having a laugh, as Creer seems to mean “to believe” and Pipi literally is “Pee” or “Piss”! Quite literally they seem to be taking the piss!

The area is reportedly one of lots of arty types, and knowing lots of types like that, it wouldn’t surprise me this was the case.

However, there could indeed be more to this mystery if you take into account that there do exist actual covens of Neo pagan chaos magickians that really do use the whole HPL mythos in their rites and ceremonies, so in another sense we could be looking at a real attempt at some kind of fucked up new age occult rituals. Markers stones like this are used in the occult to create larger sacred working spaces and/or sanctify/corrupt the area for better use with rituals, in much the same way christians will bless or consecrate holy ground.

My money is on a joke, the creer pipi reference sort of gives it away.

Regardless, we might never know the truth behind the mystery, as it’s going to be removed anyway. I’m sure the culprits are basking in their 15 minutes of internet stardom….

Strange monument mysteriously shows up in front of Paseo area restaurant | KFOR.com.

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