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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fun-Gi’s to be with: Myconids from Gloom Glade on Indiegogo

21 May

As you know, I love the strange and off the wall stuff, and I’m pretty surprised this one slipped past me entirely!

Myconids are a race of Mushroom humanoid from the glory days of gaming, and one of my favourite fantasy races. There are a few good examples in miniature form, but they are few and far between. There are some excellent figures here and I wish I had some cash in my paypal account to get me some! I would be tempted to create another warband using these along with the great Rapier Miniatures Mushroom models and a few scratch built types for good measure, it’d be a unique force, given with the fact I have only ever seen a few in all the years my gaming!

Like I said, I haven’t seen anything to advertise this cool indiegogo campaign at all, I am also pretty sure that more might sign up if they see this. Although the sculpts are not the best of the best, I get the way they are being conveyed and love the fact they are full of character! I can imagine these going well with snotlings too, maybe as substitute Trolls for WFB, so there’s a few good options for getting them on the table.

If you like Mushroom types, or just love the strange and quirky, go and take a look.

Myconids from Gloom Glade | Indiegogo.


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Fanticide Blood Trees have given me ideas…

1 Feb

[TMP] Fanticide: Blood Tree Warband Arrives.

I spotted this on TMP and was quite impressed actually. A tree/plant based army has always interested me for something quirky to collect, and this seems to add more fuel to my fire! I didn’t want yet another project/collection for this year (Hell, I’m still painting Orcs and gobbos for WFB for christs sake….) I’ll just mention that my interest in these is just the miniatures, not Fantacide, I’m sure its a great game, it does have some interesting and original figures though. Putting aside the fluff, I’d be doing mine with a naturalistic “non red” slant, greens, browns etc. Mix in some other Ent types in various scales, from 6mm tiny types, right up to big buggers from GW‘s LOTR and other firms that make a mean ent, and that would make a fantastic army, usable in virtually any scale.  My choice would be 15mm of course, not a Warhammer army, just a big skirmish force.

The mushrooms are a nice touch, but I recon they’d be better as Myconid type fungi-men rather than a few based up toadstools! If wanted you could even add carniverous plants to the mix as well.

Looks like I found a new project!

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