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Mars News, NASA retract any suggestion about “Earth-shaking” discovery!

1 Dec
Msl20110602 PIA14175-full

Msl20110602 PIA14175-full (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mars Discovery: Curiosity Rover’s ‘Earth-Shaking’ Find Downplayed By NASA.

So, in the event of sounding like the news of the Mars rover‘s recent find is going to be a game changer, NASA are now saying that they didn’t mean anything of the sort.

With the press conference scheduled in the next couple of days, they seem keen to suggest that this statement was just meant as the whole mission will go down in the history book, rather than they have discovered organic molecules or even evidence of past life.

The conspiracy nuts out there will no doubt be citing the US government covering up this evidence or something similar.

Maybe they might be right this time, it does seem like they were unhappy that the team spilled the beans about what they found as their official statement seems a little suspect in light of the original news.

I think we all know that there was probably some kind of life there once, I think that they are just putting off the eventual truth that man is foolish for thinking we are unique in the universe. Life is probably a given pretty much anywhere that the right conditions exist or have existed.

We’ll see what they say in a few days.



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Curiosity find: what has Nasa probe discovered on Mars? | Mars News | The Week UK

21 Nov

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap visible on the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Curiosity find: what has Nasa probe discovered on Mars? | Mars News | The Week UK.

Since hearing on the news that the team of Curiosity have discovered something significant in their Mars mission, I am quite excited as to exactly what this “one for the history books” moment is going to be.

Any rational observer has to agree the evidence to the planet’s past  history being abundant with liquid water and possibly life, is stacking up in its favour. It’s got to be just a matter of time until there is proof somewhere other than earth has lifeforms, and if earth has anything to go by with the amount of diversity on our planet, i’m pretty sure universal life is commonplace.

We are ignorant to think we are alone.

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