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New Release: Hammergate Poster Map

28 May

New release time again, Get the latest with the Hammergate poster map.

This map booklet contains further exploration of the town of Hammergate from the newly released “The Witch’s Daughter” GSAM01 module (Which can be found here http://www.rpgnow.com/product/212464/The-Witchs-Daughter-Adventure-Module-GSAM01)

Contained within, is a printable B&W poster map (57×79.9cm, 9×9 A4 sheets)of the town for you to use along with the module, or simply for your own RPG campaigns!

This is a Pay What you Want title, basically FREE, but those downloading are asked to donate what you want in return. Any contributions help contribute to the authors and are gladly welcomed with greatful thanks!!

You can grab a copy, by visiting this page at our RPGnow.com product page here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/212875/Hammergate-Poster-Map

Need to know where to go in an apocolypse? Get the Seattle Doomsday Map on Kickstarter!

8 Feb

This very cool concept over on Kickstarter is something I thought I would point out for post apoc/zombie fans, wargamers and roleplayers. Here is presented a full map of Seattle in the midst of a apocolyptic scenario, this would make a great prop, or campaign map for your zombie wargaming campaigns, or just a cool poster! It is the brainchild of Tony Dowler, the creator of this unique project  and I must say I think this is a winner as there is loads of potential uses for this. You can have the map in a variety of different formats (You can even contact him about getting the PDF in high res so you can use it with miniatures or RPGs)

This is one I will be going for I think for that very reason as it will be a great addition for my forthcoming uber campaign. I hope that he  will have a go at doing the same treatment for a whole host of cities, not only in the US but some UK and European ones as well.

I love the folding street map version too, I can see the appeal to zombie and post apoc RPGs to add  another dimension during the game, and to add some atmospheric wall dressing in your play area!

Go and check it out and see it for yourself, look on the plus side….at least you’ll know where to go if you get lost in post apocolyptic Seattle…

Seattle Doomsday Map by Tony Dowler — Kickstarter.

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