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Grinning Skull Miniatures: Greens, greens everywhere etc, etc..

16 Sep


Howdy all, just got around to showing off a few more greens I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, these lot are virtually done, however I might do a few minor additions/alterations to small aspects until I’m happy enough with em’!

I finally got to finish the Draxxion battle group from before. As you can see two troopers, a heavy and a larger alpha leader to go with the larger overseer elite. You’ll notice that the normal troopers are smallest, wiry ones, and the heavy is stockier and a lot bulkier to carry the additional load. The alpha is as you’d expect, biggest, these fellers are dragons and I imagined them to keep getting bigger depending upon their age, eventually he would become one of the overseer elite if he survived long enough, maybe eventually becoming a huge elder dragon  heading his own clan!






You’ll notice the overseer elite in the background, hopefully I’ll be doing one more overseer, he’s going to be a catcher, scout, no quite sure what I’ll name him, but his role will be that of a gatherer of the wounded oggam/human/alien to be made into fleshy burgers and snacks for the OAM Corp (Omni Amalgamated Meat Corp.) in the carnage Continuum fluff related stuff. (It’s always better with a bit of fluff…!!) That one will have an option for him to be holding an oggam or a human by the throat. As well as a bag full of tasty victims ready to be processed!!

Also up is a preview of another race connected with the Draxx, the loyal and ruthless Volpurgi. Here’s the first of them to give you an idea of what to expect.




These little fellers are the hunters, scouts and eyes and ears of the OAM Corp, the vicious alien food production corporation, who exploit loopholes in galactic laws for the trade of various snackfood of dodgy origins. The Volpurgi are human sized ranging from about 5 foot to 6 feet in extremes. The Volpurgi homeworlds were conquered by the Draxx centuries ago, and pledged loyalty in return for not being destroyed, plus they smell “doggy” to say the least, and taste awful, so they serve in great numbers with several Draxxion clans who were part of the alliance.

you’ll also notice that they have a look of a certain cartoon personality (which was entirely intentional) without being a carbon copy. what can I say, I watch too many cartoons! I find them in keeping with the grinning skull style, not being too realistic (lets face it, scifi is totally unrealsistic anyway!) Please don’t ask me to even try hard scifi, cos it won’t happen, there’s loads ofpeople out there who do that already, and they’re so much better at it than I, or ever hope to be. so just don’t go there!

Last up, the fierce Okvan oggam warbeast for the L.O.A. troops (League of Anthracks) THE CLUKKATRIX!!


This wee feller (We’ll ok, he’s big) The result of Okvan genetics on the humble groundbird. By using the Okvan secret formula X, it allows the okvans to rapidly create intelligent humanoid birds from the ones found on the homeworld. Such species as Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Dodos and so on can be turned into deadly Chukk warriors. Excessive amounts directly fed into the creatures result in intense mutations that combine all of Bird and saurian from ancient genes, switched back on.

The stable mutations are kept and trained as warbeasts and gladfatorial beasts, fighting for the pleasure of their masters. I’ve wanted to get this done for ages, and to be honest I wanted to expand the Okvan side of the LOA, since I feel that the LOA troops so far have less options than the empire troops. It’s not until you try and build armies with  the oggam that run in concordance with the background that I’ve written, do you see what combinations you can get. I want to support the entire oggam line totally if I can, so that players have maximum options for oggam Vs oggam stuff, and get totally different forces from each other. With the addition of the chukk for the LOA, I can imagine players might want to field armies of chukk eventually, so even they’d need some big back up. You have to think that in my Oggam sphere, the LOA are my chaos types, and chukk are beastmen. This ones just a really big one!




I’ll post a better size comparison later, but for scale with the rest, here’s he next to the Volpurgi:


Again bear in mind that the Volpurgi is human sized, Like I said, he’s a big monster and I think players of other scales and genres could make use of them too, it is basically a humanoid Cockatrice so it’d be cool for fantasy in 15mm and 28/32mm as well. I might do another variation on the same theme, a big riding beast that I’ve coined “Chukkasaurus Rex” that’s more chicken/T-rex. Thats one for the future though.

Well, that’s it for now, I’ll get some other stuff posted with a few WIPs I’m working on, and maybe you’ll get to see some of the Kize forces I have done.


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So, what’s what in the new Grinning Skull range? (Part 2)

28 May


Ok, part two in the guide to the latest Grinning Skull releases at 15mm.co.uk!


GRN13: League of Anthracks Fire warrior.

The Fire warriors of the moon of Tor are total fanatics, hence the tall pointed cultist attire. They carry a burner with attatched gas tanks and proceed with the LOA troops to provide flamer support. Smoky bacon anyone? On my list is an entire set or two of the Tor fire worshipping heathens. They look too cool in the pointy helm, that’s they problem with em’!


GRN14:  Light infantry heavy weapons Bazooka.

Ground troops need a bit of help against heavily armored foes, so here with that bit of extra firepower is the light infantry bazooka heavy. There will be more heavy weapons in the future, with maybe a set of heavies for each side, just depends if folks want them (If they do, I’ll do it!)

grn15_300dpiGRN15: Light Infantry Hero.

I love this oggam, he certainly to me is perfect for that dashing Og type that would swoop in and save the day (or ruin it if you use him as a baddie) but he’s got a great face! I’d like a unit of these as special ops empire troops, but I can imagine tons of use for him in all sorts of games.

grn16_300dpiGRN16: Light Infantry Trooper #3.

This was the very first Oggam I sculpted, and he’s pretty good if I can say that. He’s definitely a rank and file bod, with his imperial crest and pack, he’s very cute! Since doing this one, the facial style of the oggam have changed much, I still like it’s more cutesy look. Wait till you see some of the Blander assitants, they are even cuter!

grn17_300dpiGRN17: Oggam Light Infantry Demolitions.

Right from the start, I knew that I wanted to provide people with lots of personalisation with the Oggam, so when creating an Oggam force of any kind, folks would really have a good choice in making a warband personal. That’s why there will always be more and more expansions with other oggam types. Here’s the demolitions expert, ready to plant his explosives, and run away!!

grn18_300dpiGRN18: Light Infantry Officer.

Every unit needs some direction, so here’s some in the form of this big bruiser! With little or no work he’d easily fit in the LOA or Uggaram (or Scrofa for that matter) He’s a stern looking Og, and fits the idea that the biggest and most corpulent Oggam tend to dominate in Oggam society. (What is termed as Oggra by other oggam)

grn19_300dpiGRN19: Oggam Light infantry trooper#4.

You’ll notice there’s a few ferals in the mix with the Light infantry lot, I thought this would be best, since I didn’t want all the oggam to be total carbon copies of the standard snorts. There too is a certain feel of revolutionary about him, but I really like how he’s turned out (they look good as rank and file troopers too, so jobs a good un’!)


GRN20: Oggam Light Infantry Medic.

Even the Oggam need a bit of medical care, even so it might be a bit haphazard and involve unwanted amputations or surgery in the field! Again diversity in troop types is what I wanted to achieve so I created him. I do have some more medical staff and scientists planned, but I have others to get done before these will see the light of day. I have a picture in my book of an oggam surgeon with a huge anesthetic hypodermic needle that needs to be made!


GRN21: League of Anthracks Battle Brother #2.

This Battle brother is equipped in partial armor and respirator of the Okvan factory designs, they are made with blending in the Okvan storm trooper and plain brothers (as another Okvan type or just well equipped city state troops) The LOA use a lot of toxic attacks so even those who peddle the black pig of death’s wares need a bit of protection!


GRN22: Oggam Light infantry Comms.

Every command unit needs a comms guy, so here’s what we have. He’s big, but he needs to be when he’s carrying around a load of bulky radio equipment!


GRN23: Light Infantry Trooper #4.

This is the last of bog standard troopers, this one being the assault trooper, armed with both handgun and sword. I think I’ll need to do a few more generic trooper types, maybe armed with an axe, two pistols, blunderbuss etc. Let me know if you want to suggest something!!


GRN24: League of Anthracks Battle Brother #3.

This is just the basic robed brother. Fodder for the Black pig of death me thinks! I have a unit of these brethren ready to be painted and I do think he’s the part. As with everything it seems, I do want some other variants of the brothers, so they too will be on the cards for the future. One can never have enough types of Oggam!

So there you have it, a run down of all the first releases in the Grinning Skull range, please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the range, the Oggam or anything else that you want to put to me.

All hail the black Pig!!

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