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Dropship Horizon Blog Launches Titanium Dropship 2014 ; 15mm sci fi miniature painting comp!

17 Jan

For those of you out there into 15mm sci-fi, Dropship Horizon have launched their comp for 2014. There are loads of 15mm companies putting up stuff as prizes, so if you think your skills at painting and modelling in 15mm with a science fiction flavour are up to it, get yourself along and take part.

I might see you in the entries, (time permitting) but you never know! There’s plenty of scope in the three categories to get your brain cells into ignition, plus it’s great to see the emphasis solidly on the whole 15mm scifi wargaming genre.

Kinda makes me think we shouldn’t be doing some kind of comp, here at the Grinning Skull? what do you think?

Anyway, go check it out and get involved!

DROPSHIP HORIZON: Titanium Dropship 2014 – 15mm sci fi painting competition.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: QU-SH-UG Pure Evil Miniatures Kickstarter

19 Aug

Whilst taking some time, relaxing on my holiday, I just want to draw your attention to this great cthulhu-esque beastie from Pure Evil miniatures over on Kickstarter. It’s a lovely gribbly monster that would be at home in many settings, and indeed many scales. A real bonus to the KS is the accompanying cultist figures that are available along with it. These sinister fellows (or ladies, who knows?) are very interesting indeed, and will also be very useful in anything from fantasy games (Wraiths anyone?), to 40K chaos cultists etc.

Even though the monster is on the pricier side, it could be very useful for wargaming. If you have a spare bit of cash, and like the look of them, what are you waiting for, get your hand in your pocket and back this project!!

QU-SH-UG Casting Fundraiser by Pure Evil Miniatures by Damien Sparkes — Kickstarter.

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World Book Night 2013 Giveaway: The Dark Judges

24 Apr


So, as ever I have been involved in this years World Book night (April 23rd) and my choice this year as a giver, is a collected 2000AD book about the evil deadworld Judges, Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. This classic collection is what I remember as a kid, eagerly getting my copy of 2000AD every weekend!

I still have a few copies of this great little collected graphic novel (pocket sized paperback) so, I’m offering them up to you good UK blog readers (UK only I’m afraid due to the costs of the postage system) You’ll need to send me an A5 letterbox sized SAE (stamp addressed envelope) with your details, and I’ll mail one to you!!

So if you want a copy, please send me a message and I’ll put your name down for one and I’ll get back in touch to let you know. If there are many takers, I’ll stick all the names in a hat and let you know if your a winner! I can’t say fairer than that!


Apologies again to my international readers, its just that international postage will be far too high, and is a bit of a faff around! May I suggest you check your area for a world book night event or giver near you, and check out http://www.us.worldbooknight.org/ or that of your specific country to see what events are going on right now!!

I promise you all that I’ll include you in the next comp/sweepstake type affair I’m planning (and trust me, it’s going to be a good one!)

Slundig Vur Thrigg Earthlets!!

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15mm Doomsday cultists….

20 Sep

I thought I would post a couple of pics to show you my Cultists, originally they are from a historical manufacturer (donnington I think, but please correct me if I’m wrong) I have had them for quite a while in amongst my lead mountain so I reckon these will be the core of a new enemy force, throwin some eldritch horrors, cultists with weapons and an odd sacrifice and we are cooking with gas….

Maybe I will sculpt that big Cthulhu creature for them to summon and smash up the enemy?…..

If anyone has some good ideas for additional cultists to join their party, let me know…




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