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What do you do when you’ve lost your hobby mojo?

5 Feb


No matter what lately, I haven’t been able to focus on all aspects of the hobby (I mean miniature wargaming, not the “GW” hobby!) I think that it’s been due to recent illness with my knee trouble, general awfulness and now some weird throat type virus that has fallen upon my kids and myself, but never the less, it’s left me more uninspired to do as much as I would usually.

I have a low attention span at the best of times, so I do find it hard to concentrate at the best of times, so things that throw a spanner in the works tend to throw me off kilter somewhat. Add to this, the usual chaos of the modern family life with it’s ups and downs, that kind of stuff can put my spare time input to almost a standstill.
But these last few days, try as I might, I can’t seem to find my mojo! I’ve tried as many different disciplines of the hobby as a whole, miniatures in a variety of sizes and scales, terrain and model making, even been trying to sculpt 15mm and 28mm figures, but I haven’t been fully into what I was trying to accomplish. I’ve tried to be inspired by music, TV and film, reading both books and comics, scoured the net for a muse, but everything leaves me cold and uninspired.
So what do you do when this kind of block occurs? Are there any more sources of new effort that I haven’t either known about before, or been unaware of? Is it time to start a new challenging project, or just hang up the hat for a while until my energy levels replenish. I’ve even thought about giving the entire thing up so I can concentrate on other stuff. It wouldn’t be the first time, there have been several breaks in the hobby throughout my life for various reasons, some long ones, some short, but to be frank, I don’t think that I will be giving up that easily this time. Even so I sound really negative about things, I’m not going to give it up, as this is something that I always come back to.
There’s not too many decent hobbies that I could do that would satisfy my artistic impulses, since a good 80-90% of everything I end up doing is craft or art based, doing other stuff that doesn’t scratch my creative urge, would just blow my mind and send me mad!
like I said, i’m not giving up, even though it sounds as if I’m a tad negative. I just want my mojo back! I just want to know what I need to do to get it back. Even though my efforts haven’t been all that bad, well at least I haven’t thought so, but this hobby block still eludes me.
I guess what I’m trying to say is what other methods do you employ to recharge your hobby batteries? How do you avoid the loosing of one’s mojo? If you know any useful suggestions, let me know! Mind you, with this new day dawning, I have the sudden urge to pick up my sculpting tools and get to it again…
Right, where’s the greenstuff….

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Gout aint’ just for the Georgain gentry you know…

18 Nov

So, regular readers here may be aware of my absence recently. I do apologise for no new posts, this has all been down to ill health which seems like its been going on for months, and I’ve been somewhat distracted due to pain from the infamous “gout”, a really painful type of athritis (of which runs in my family) that causes severe inflamation to parts of the body (this being both my knee and my foot) Anyone who suffers this will attest to the sheer agony of an attack, and indeed I have even had my foot bound up (just like in the old days)

Some might think I may be a heavy drinker or eat lots of red meat to bring on such a thing, but since I hardly drink (Its been months since I had a blow out) and I try and eat a balanced diet (no fried shit, plenty of fruit and veg, low salt and sugar,lots of ruffage etc) It seems like just the hereditary predisposition in the male line of my family, and indeed of athritis in general is enough for me to experience this condition from time to time.
Just the endless discomfort caused had me loosing sleep, hobbling all over and made me feel like I just couldn’t be bothered with pretty much anything to do with the web. Since I hit the big 40, its plain to see that I’m not getting any younger and getting older sure comes with a lot of associated aches and pains that I’m not keen on! coupled with the various virus types and chickenpox that the kids fetch back from school, you can tell that the winter and it’s associated illnesses and shitty weather, is on it’s way.

I’m feeling pretty good now. good enough to start painting, sculpting and model making once more, and spend a bit of time here, updating the blog with some choice bits of stuff to entertain and while away a few moments when your surfing through here.

Vive le Grinning Skull!

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