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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

1 Feb

It’s been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much has been said about this project, but as we are informed, it’s a 15mm-ish castle building system for use with both wargamers and HO railway fans alike. On the face of it, its a nice thing with potential, but I think the creators made a boo boo, and I’ll tell you how….

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Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses…

7 Jul


I have some weird ideas for wargames, and while most can be somewhat surreal at times, there are some that really stick in my head. A lot of these would be ideal games for conventions as they aren’t really ideas you’d use in a campaign over the course of a few sessions. These would prove to be a great laugh and fun games, and just maybe it might inspire someone to have a go…

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Zomtober Extra: My Horde, my horde, oh lordy lord!

8 Oct


Well, it’s not really another Zombtober entry, but I thought I’d show a bit more 15mm zombie related madness, this time I wanted to show you my still growing herd of walkers in the scale.

It’s made up from all of my finished zombies, small and larger sizes to represent human (or zombie) diversity.














I still have about half again in various sized singles, small swarms and medium sized swarms, which equates to a lot of zomers! I think I’m pretty much done with them as far as numbers are concerned, I reckon it’ll be survivor types from now on, lets face it, I’m going to need a fair few to cope with this lot! Plus I think i’ll be expanding some other baddies I already have (Grey Aliens & UFOs, werewolves, cultists, giant spiders etc) and lots of B-movie type villains that will fit with my modern city stuff. (Godzilla anyone?) Superhero battles would be good too, as would plenty of other options (vampires vs werewolves, civil unrest/riots, police vs gangs/terrorists and so forth.)

I’ll be back later with some more Zombtober inspired zombie themed stuff, and obviously later in the week with my next Zombtober entry.

Ciao for now!

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15mm Zombies: The HOrdes. HO scale infected!

18 Apr


I decided to follow the idea’s over on TMP, here and here , and on the blog: Welcome to lazarus  with the creation of horde bases using HO scale model railway civilian figures. Armed with the idea, I went off on my travels to find some on line.

I managed to bag a set of 100 direct from china, I figured that it was better to get the prepainted versions instead of the unpainted lot, since they’d be easier and quicker to paint up and sort (plus getting 100 figures painted fast with the time I have is near on an impossible feat at the moment!) All in all I got them for £3.49 ($5.32 US) and it took 10 days to get from the other side of china to the UK! I love the internet for that, 20 years ago that kind of thing would have been impossible to think you’d be able to do that, but I guess the 21st century is pretty sci-fi in lots of ways!

So, within minutes of getting the package through the door, I was busy sticking them onto 2p pieces as lovely little zombie swarms. They stuck firm with a little superglue and once this was done, all I needed to do was wash them in a few washes of browns, blacks and reds. I didn’t want to spend much time making them pretty, a faceless, ragged and dirty mob of the hordes of the dead is what was needed and they looked fine!



I ended up getting 98 of them used (including some of the seated figures used as a small 1p sized swarm as a few zombies munching on a body!) and they look really good. I recommend if you need a load of cheap zombies, this my friends is the way to do it. The only reservation is that these are scaled at 1/100, true 15mm as I believe. Most of my other zombies are a slight bit bigger, but I can cope with that, from a distance and from a gaming perspective, these are minor things I’m willing to overlook in return for additional zombie troops for my zombie gaming.


Next time i’ll spend a little more time prepping them before I get around to sticking them to the bases, as they tend to have round mould marks on them a lot, but like I said, these are really just a quick and easy test project to see how good they are before buying more, so that I shall bare in mind for the next time. (Plus from a few foot away, you cant see that kind of thing, and they aren’t the prettiest of figures with hardly much detail!) I will say that it’s true that these little plastic figures being ideal for other uses like angry protest mob (which I will be doing next, I need them for scenarios at the start of the infection, with civil unrest and riots etc for my riot cops to beat up!)

If you need some quick and easy hordes of flesheaters for your game, honestly this is a really good plan! Well done to all the HO scale zombie pioneers before me for their ingenuity and savvy wargaming sense!

Peace out…..

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