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A true tale for Halloween: When I lived in a haunted house.

31 Oct


So, happy halloween readers, I thought I’d share this with you. Yes it seemed appropriate to post this up seeing as though it’s the season of all things ghostly. I can assure each and everyone of you that this tale is genuine (its no creepy pasta made up shite, its my true account of what happened to us before my eldest was born)

Of course, I’m not expecting that you’ll believe, I know what happened and it was one of the creepiest paranormal experiences I’ve ever been witnessed to….

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The Mystery of the spinning Statue!!

26 Jun

My son pointed this out to me earlier, the strange case of the rotating Egyptian statue at Manchester Museum.

If you follow the link to the video, you’ll see this ancient funery statue move 180% from it’s original position. There seem to be loads of theories of how this might be happening, but it’s only theories. Even Prof. Brian Cox is on the job to see why it’s moving by itself.

Very weird.

What do you think the cause is?

Video: The curse of the spinning statue at Manchester Museum – Manchester Evening News.

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