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Skulltaliser Update (and you can buy me a coffee if you like!)

19 May

So, it’s that time again to show you where we are on the mighty Skulltaliser chart at this point in time.

So, we’re at $59 so far. Will we reach the goal by the end of the month? I would say so.

One thing you can do to help is buying me a coffee! Yes that’s right, you can help by showing your appreciation by buying me a cuppa joe! Ko-fi is an easy way to support creators (such as myself) and is simple to use.

Just click the link (either at the side bar of this page, or the link below) and it’ll take you through to our very own page where you can do so (all proceeds to the skulltaliser total)

(thanks to Dagger & Brush for this idea!!)

More from the Skulltaliser later…


Loud Ninja Space Raptor Kickstarter ends, fully funded!!

9 Nov

A big congrats to Eli at Loud Ninja for his successful 15mm space raptor campaign, that has raised a total of $7,499 for the production of his great range of 15mm gaming minis!

I’m pretty gutted I didn’t get in on this as I had first planned, but as you may know, Paypal isn’t accepted as a currency on Kickstarter, so while I did have the funds to back, it was in my paypal account, so I’ll have to wait till they are in full production to get some!!

We wish him a big well done, and you have given me hope for my future Oggam Kickstarter in January, You have given all us wannabe 15mm sci-fi miniature producers there is a way!!


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4 Oct

18 hours left, and the total stands at $1,062, can he get to the $5,000 target?

Even though yesterday I spoke to Emmett, he admits he probably won’t do it, and will have to seek another way to fund this project. it would be a shame, raising that much shouldn’t be classed as a fail, it is quite admirable I think to reach that much.

Please if you can back it in these last hours, lets try and boost the coffers and try and raise the remaining funds, you never know, miracles could happen if there’s a big push before the clock runs out!


if the funds aren’t raised in time all the backers will be refunded, so that being said if you did fund the project, your contribution would be returned to you without risk. it would just be nice if we could see how much more we can get for the book.

Check it out if you haven’t already and support the indie game industry, lets not let kickstarter get swamped by just the big firms and stick up for those who have a vision to get stuff done!



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