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Northampton clown hunted by costumed Clown hunter!

20 Sep

In a strange twist of events, the creepy Northampton clown has aquired an arch nemesis! The latest is that the clown hunter was out and about looking for the freaky funhouse fiend the other day, but his patrol came to naught! This comes from metro and facebook, where apparently the so called crimefighter has set up his very own facebook page (sigh)

Truth is, The giveaway is in this guy’s shoes and bald head. One in the same (according to my Batcomputer!)

If you take a look at this pic from a youtube mocumentary, the clown sports identical costume (The film is also was filmed in the area, more here and the movie:  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/09/16/northampton-clown-video_n_3933320.html ) This clown is also a bald guy, but check out he shoes in this pic:

Identical shoes! It’s the same bloke for sure. To quote from the huffington post article:

Gacy as "Pogo The Clown".

Gacy as “Pogo The Clown”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The film by Alex Powell is called The Local Clown, with its subject shown preparing his costume, with a painted red nose, a billowing yellow-patterned blouse and blue pantaloons.

The actor playing the clown is credited as William Johnston but is listed on the Star Now talent directory as Northampton actor, model and musician William Unwin,according to the newspaper.

He is seen sitting on a tatty sofa, next to two stuffed clown dolls, discussing his love for balloon animals. During the ten-minute film, the clown explores his crush on one of the “living statues” he passes by on the street.

In the video, the clown is credited as being William Johnston, so no doubt Unwin is the his name.

Personally I’d like to think that there were a chance of widescale copycat clowns and costumed heroes worldwide, but it looks as if your sprung Mr Johnston….or could I be wrong?

Like my mother in law said, he’s a proper John Wayne Gacy!

I don’t think this weird story is quite over just yet, I’ll keep you posted!

Northampton clown: Rival clown catcher vows to hunt down mystery man | Metro News.


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We all float down here: Tales of Northampton’s creepy clown!

19 Sep

Some of you might not be aware of a social media buzz about a strange clown that’s seen about parts of Northampton in the last week. He doesn’t speak, just waves and generally creeps people out! No one knows who he is, or where he comes from, and thus the mystery widens… Thinking this whole business has been just speculation and nothing more than urban myth, finally the clown has spoken out over facebook about just where he’s going to be out and around the area, and a few pics of him have surfaced that prove him to be real.

As you can imagine, lots of people aren’t happy about a freaky clown stalking the place (mosty at night if I might add, to make matters worse) and are crapping themselves, some even wanting to beat him (or her) up.

What is this clowns agenda? Why is he doing it? Who is it behind the facepaint? No one seems to know.

I’m in the same boat as them as far as weird clowns are concerned. I wouldn’t say I find them that scary, but if I saw him in a dark alley waving at me, I’d be thinking about smacking him for sure. There’s nothing saying he’s doing wrong, but just “Why?” What’s the point?

Lots of people I know are Caulrophobic (scared of clowns) and given that one of the points, long ago clowns were symbols to scare away evil spirits, they give tons of folk the heebee geebees. He must know what he’s doing is causing fear even though he’s not doing anything illegal.

Again another hoaxer out to get 15 minutes of fame.

(If you read the source article link below, make sure you read the Northampton newspaper’s editors article too, showing some love for the clown!)

I’ll keep you posted on the matter, but please feel free to get in touch if you spot him or know anything about him, I’d be more than happy to do an interview (Mr Clown, that is if you read this!)

Northampton clown strikes again with another spooky visitation | Northampton News | Breaking Northampton Headlines | Traffic & Travel.

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