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New Site Poll: Add your voice, what would you like to see featured in the Grinning Skull Miniatures range?

18 May


I just thought I’d let you all know, I have put a new poll up on the site, this time concerning the forthcoming release of the Grinning Skull Miniature line by 15mm.co.uk. Since some of you will be getting your hands on some (hopefully!) I want to know what you’d like to see, and just where you want to see the line go in the future.

Please add your comments and opinions about what kind of stuff that you’d like to see featured in the range, I’m open to suggestions, whatever you’d like! I don’t mind the odd and outlandish, in fact I kind of like the more off the wall stuff!

If you have the time to add your votes (you can choose 3) to the poll, just think, your seed of an idea may bear fruit and inspire me to create some great miniatures that could feature on a gaming table near you!!

Please share this with anyone you know, who might find it interesting (Well, I can hope, can’t I !)

Thanks Everyone!!

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