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Azathoth cult hoaxers uncovered.

19 Sep

So if you remember, the monument to the chaos god, Azathoth that suddenly and mysteriously turned up on  the front lawn of an Oklahoma eating establishment. Turns out it was faked (No surprise then) Creer Pipi is decoded as none other than “Eric Piper”, one of the hoaxers involved in the whole thing.

Reading the interview with the guys, it seems that I was right about the fifteen minutes of web fame these media hungry art whores wanted, and from the sounds, they need to cut back on the acid/weed/windowlene etc, and try and do something more useful than make pointless sterile concrete blocks.

Still, it intregued us for a bit, and I did say that they were indeed taking the piss (so I was right)

Over on io9 read the full interview.

Meet the mysterious men behind Oklahoma’s monument to Azathoth.

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Help, there’s a dimensional vortex in Bristol!! Call the Doctor!!

14 May

In a bit of weird news, apparently there’s a inter-dimensional portal of some kind at work in a Bristol Street!

A concerned member of the public has been reporting several incidents of the phenomenon, including a crack opening up and a giant snake coming through! The line was supposed to be meant to report council repairs and such, but I guess a crack in the fabric of time and space would count with it being the councils responsibility!!

It all sounds a bit Dr Who to me, wasn’t prisoner zero a huge shape changing snake that came through the crack in Amy Pond‘s house?! Either that or some bad shit is afoot in Bristol…(So I’m told….!!) Someone needs to pin this on Google earth!!

Vortex to another dimension reported in Brighton (From The Argus).

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Derren Brown’s Anticlimactic Apocolypse…

5 Nov

“When I click my fingers, you will wake up and not think I’m the biggest twat on the earth..1, 2, 3, click…”

So, did you see the conclusion to the two part Apocolypse?

I watched eager to laugh at this weeks episode, but alas  there were not as many this week.

Sure the poor lad was heartbroken when he failed to get airlifted out of the compound, call  me cruel, but that was funny, it just was this concluding part was lacking the promise of the last one. the premise of the stunt was a good one, the execution was stale at the end.

Don’t get me wrong, the zombie in his pants was funny as well, it just all came to shite. Maybe what they are saying is true about stephen being an actor? I have always been suspicious about hypnotists and their apparent ability to control people. Apparent being the catch word!

For us in the UK you can catch it on 4OD and youtube, as ever I will post it here when I get a link for those outside the UK, or if any readers have any link to it, let me know and then we can all share!!





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