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5 reasons I F*%king love Hawk the Slayer!

3 Jun

I’m sure this movie needs no introductions. You can call this one of my guilty pleasure’s of the celluloid variety, as ever since I first saw it, I loved it ever since.

In an age growing up where fantasy media was limited to a handful of films on VHS, no one could ever understand why I liked this movie so much, no amount of me telling them would make them understand why. So with that in mind, I’m going to present five reasons I fucking love that film, even to this day!


The music and theme tune on the movie is brilliant, a weird mish mash of synth-pop, fantasy and nostalgia. It suits the film and themes perfectly (I think) A real curiosity of sorts, but cool none the less. Check it out:


What can I say about the cast ensemble for this low budget fantasy movie? Well, lets begin with the iconic stars in this film. Jack Palance as the older scarred and evil brother (and Hawk’s Nemesis) Voltan, The giant Gort played by “Carry on” mainstay Bernard Bresslaw, Shane Bryant as Drogo, Annette Crosby (Margret Meldrew from one foot in the grave), Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror show)  as the witch, Harry Andrews, Roy Kinnear, Warren Clarke, and so many more decent well known British actors. There’s even Ferdy Mayne and the guy who was the original Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars IV (the cut out bit that was later CGI and put back in) Quite a decent cast for such a low budget.


The frantic and sometimes comical nature of the action scenes is something I hold a soft spot for. Crow’s multiple cut and edited arrow shots were pure cinematic cheese,  as kids I remember my mates wanting to be him in games we played at school. Even though Crow the elf, was in my opinion the least developed of the party of heroes, he was bad ass due to this quick cheapo edit effect!


Hawk the Slayer is no masterpiece of cinema. I admit that it  was never going to win Oscars for any part of the movie, acting or script. What makes it good is that it is not good. Sure, it’s entertaining enough, but it’s no LOTR trilogy, but it has that feel of my childhood days playing red box D&D home brew adventures. This film is cheesy as hell, a little bit camp, and ropey SFX, but I still love it just for old times sake!


When I speak of heritage, by that I refer back to the cheese,in which the plot and setup of the movie, is pretty much just that of probably many of our childhood D&D and RPG games. Beat for beat, these standard fantasy RPG tropes are in force. The party of heroes, the hero’s brother being the big bad, defend the Abbey mission, raid the enemy camp, the showdown etc. How many of us out there used this movie as direct inspiration for our own RPGs, wargames, and LARP (trust me, loads of LARPers has cited this movie as inspiration, it’s almost like one anyway!) Also this movie has a real Hammer films vibe too, now that’s real heritage!

If you haven’t seen it, go away and watch it NOW, if your into RPGs, fantasy or similar. If you have, go re watch it.

I now retreat to dig out my DVD copy of it from the vaults to become a starry eyed 80’s kid again and remember good old times….

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Rising up, Easy level Riser tiles for your set up!

5 Dec




Today’s Grim’s Dungeons of Doom tutorial is another dead easy one, level riser tiles to elevate your dungeon to a higher level! These simple to make tiles will add an extra dimension to your set ups, and will create much more options when making your set-ups.

All you’ll need for this structural addition to your dungeon set up is some cardboard boxes, cereal box card, other assorted discarded boxes, glue, textured wallpaper, lollypopsticks or other wooden type sticks (both optional), plus paint for undercoat and finishing. Continue reading

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Restore 2 Stamina; Miniature provision markers.

31 Oct



If you remember In most Fighting Fantasy books from the distant past, you always had the opportunity to heal your depleted Stamina score by munching on your provisions that you either had already, or simply found during the course of your adventure. So with this episode of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, that’s what we’re going to create.

So, with that in mind I had to come up with something I could use during games to represent such found munchies as and when (Think of the computer game “Gauntlet” and I’m aiming for that sort of thing.) I’ll be making other markers in this way (Keys ,Treasure, poisoned provisions, corpses etc) but this one has much more application in other models beyond just the markers.

Continue reading

Museum of Dungeons & Dragons Indiegogo, Crowdfunding no show?

17 Jan

Museum of Dungeons & Dragons | Indiegogo.

UPDATE: Can you remember the D&D Museum on Indiegogo?

Well, it was quite an ambitious plan to preserve the early stuff from the days of Gygax and co, in a purpose built centre. They were asking for a whopping $150,00 for the project, which did seem quite steep in my opinion. They could have started small, I’m sure in the states there are loads of free government grants and bursaries or similar, that would have given a start if this was ever to become a reality.

All they had to do is try and find a lease on a place for less than $1000, go round blagging for donations of stuff to do the place out (local gaming groups, shops, charities, interweb etc) and they could have done it! They did  get to $1,191, so if they could have aimed for $1000 instead, they would have been able to at least get something started.

Still, what do I know? It wasn’t me doing it, but thats what I would have done!

If your listening guys, Don’t give up and try another strategy, you did get some backers, so at least you know there are people willing to help. Get in touch with the big RPG firms and those in the industry, see if they could get some sponsorship or donations. Keep it up, and I’m sure you can get the job done.

Peace out.


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Indiegogo: Do you want to help build a D&D museum?

29 Nov
Role Playing | Technology

Role Playing | Technology (Photo credit: Daniele Muscetta)

The original Dungeons & Dragons set.

The original Dungeons & Dragons set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Museum of Dungeons & Dragons | Indiegogo.

Dungeons and Dragons is probably one of the most famous RPGs, mainly due to it being the ancestor of most modern role playing games and it having introduced countless waves of people to the hobby. Its influences have been manifold in pop culture, films, TV, books, comics and art. It is THE daddy of the RPG world.

Now this couple Jim and Debbie Hunton, want to make a museum dedicated to it. They don’t just want to get a place and stick stuff in it, they actually want to do it from scratch by building it.

All I’m thinking is, $150000 is a lot of cash, and while I’m not saying that it can’t be done, I think that it could be done that little bit easier and cheaper. Still it’s in the US, so even if it comes about, I don’t think I’ll be getting chance to visit for some time. (I’m broke and in the UK!)

Still what do I know!

As ever The Grinning Skull will keep a close eye on the progress and urge you to dig deep in your pockets and help fund this project.

We wish Jim and Debbie all the best and good luck with making their plans a reality!


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