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Quackers over Cthulhu, Disney style….

26 Sep

Quite accidentally I came across something funny, the web is a strange,but informative place.

It so happens that Cthulhu has an alternate version of himself, albeit in Walt Disney style, and a duck. The result is an entity called “Duckthulhu”


If any of you are old enough to remember the cartoon “Darkwing Duck“, a spin off of “Duck tales” with scrooge McDuck etc. Neither of the cartoons were any good to be honest, and if you did miss out on watching them, you really didn’t miss anything at all. The surprising thing is that this is from the comic version (which I didn’t know existed either) which I believe has quite a following.


I was never keen on any Disney pap, but Duckthuhu might grow on me. (Not like an organism, but a fondness!) Whatever will be next? In the mountains of Mouseness? All I can say is Mr Lovecraft would be surprised at how successful he was in the long run. It’s a shame that he died before he saw how much a part of popular culture he was to become.


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