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Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dwellers of the Pit: Young Red Dragon

10 Aug


Back again with another addition to the Dwellers of the pit, a series of companion articles to the dungeons of doom. This time, there’s no monster make or tutorial (I’m in the process of putting the next ones into order), just the stats for the FF dungeon skirmish. This time we have the Young red Dragon.



Every dungeon needs a dragon, although this one is just a mere child in dragon terms, he’ll still give a party of adventurers a run for their money!


Description: (Taken from the original Out of the Pit 1985 Puffin Books)

Red Dragons are hoarders who relish collecting coins, jewels and all other valuable items. When encountered, a Red Dragon will usually be in it’s cavern, sprawled across the top of a large pile of treasure. Red Dragons are automatically suspicious of anyone they encounter, believing them to be thieves intent on stealing their treasure, and will attack them immediately.

They can shoot fireballs from their mouths, which they send roaring through the air to explode on their target. These can be avoided by a successful test for Luck, if they hit they will cause 2 STAMINA points of damage (4 from an adult Red Dragon) These creatures can produce one of these every other round, and can shoot them up to twenty-five metres with surprising accuracy.

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom Conversions

First of all, I’ll add that all all red dragons should be IMMUNE TO FIRE to start with (these are fire breathers after all)

Since we have a mention of range for once, a quick conversion directly works out at probably 12 inches for the Young dragons fireball weapon (I’d say an adult would be 24 at 4 Stamina damage per fireball) and thats pretty much it.


To top off the article, I want to add the mini, isn’t actually a commercially available mini at all. I had this in my glass cabinet for a few years. After the great dragon cabinet incident (where a third of my 50+ dragon statues were lost by the shelves collapsing and the glass almost cutting my arms off at the wrist…but that is another story…) Well this small one survived and instead of putting him back in, I thought I’d give him a repaint (the paint job was below par) and I think he turned out ok. These kind of resin ornaments can be successfully used with your mini games, an most of the time are a lot cheaper than their gaming counterparts.

Anyway, please feel free to comment, like and share. I’m off now to finish my Dungeon door tutorial…

Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

31 Jan


So I’m here briefly to talk about the Draxxion sculpts I sold on a while ago to Roger at Wargames Supply Dump. I’ve not had much time for the net lately, trying rather to get back on track with stuff, mostly painting and planning designs and such. Roger kindly sent me some finished castings of them to paint up, which I finally got around to (also, you read rogers blog post about them here)

If you are a regular here, you might remember the greens I made, they were ok, but as much of my stuff, they were a brain fart based on my idea. the only thing was I wasn’t entirely happy with the concept vs how they turned out, that’s why I ended up selling them on. No doubt a new and improved version of the Draxxion will emerge at some point, there are a few other ideas brewing that will come first!



The Brood leader turned out pretty good, I always liked that one, the other overseer guard was ok too. They’re also pretty big beasts compared to the 15mm-ish forces they were percieved to face. You could say that these would make good 25-28mm troops as well depending. The Draxx were always designed to be big buggers, as you would imagine being dragons at various stages of age and growth (so, thats how I’ll use them, but I’ll get into that later…)



Onto the smaller brood, we’ve got the scout (well, that’s my take on it) it’s still big if you compare it to 15mm stuff, but he’s a step down from the elites. He’s got a studious look to him, definite leader material, or advisor in some shape or form.



Next up is the next size down, some kind of heavy, quite a oriental feel to him (the head at least) he’ll make a fine leader for a heavy weapons detachment I’m planning.



Last, are the smaller 15mm-ish brood warriors. A load of these would be great, filling in the gaps of the battle force (which I don’t have, but I do have some additions of my own for my wargaming purposes!)



As with a lot of the figures I sculpt, there are plenty of uses for these, in scales from 15mm, 20mm and more, it’s up to you! You’ll have to forgive my paintwork and my pics, with lighting being bad, it’s tricky to get the desired effect I want, plus I don’t know where my glasses are, so it makes it even harder to see (but, I’ll soldier on.)

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ll be making a Draxx warband using these, and some other stuff I have around, and these will make a good start as the command section. I’ll post the progress soon.

I hope that these figures are useful to some of you, it gives me a buzz to know that other people might collect, paint and game with any of the stuff I create from random brainfarts, and indeed any ideas my head spawns, and remember I appreciate any constructive comments pertaining to anything raised here.

I’ll be back later with more miniature and wargaming dooings (It’s about time I brought it back in line) once I have sorted a few bits and caught up with webby stuff.



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