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Media hype wargaming connection with convicted murderer (here we go again…)

31 May


Well, the UK press are at it again, and I don’t just mean talking crap and hacking phones, this time us wargaming bods are under attack. It all concerns this fellow in the picture trying to dress like an assassin (which is exactly what he became as it happens…)

The story goes that Wayne Smith, a jilted husband, took revenge on his wife’s new boyfriend and killed him with a kitchen knife after travelling by train to the guys home, stabbing him at his front door. To try and make an alibi, he claimed to have spent the time in question at a friends house, playing (wait for it…) Necromunda!

DNA from his discarded mask and kit pretty much nailed him bang to rights, and now he’s doing bird for murder.

It seems as if the press has latched onto the Necromunda alibi and tried to turn it into another bashing of the hobby (Like the 80’s D&D satanic bullcrap and Fighting Fantasy calling to be banned etc, the list is quite long if you care to look it up. Even White wolf came underfire for the vampire RPG…) Just lets say that GWs old classic tabletop skirmish game has just been added to the ranks of demonised games.

If you take a look at the pictures of the guy, it looks as if he was a LARPer at some stage, but strangely, there is no mention of it, rather it has been lumped under the banner of wargaming.

Well done Daily mail, for spouting yet more crap and discrediting the UK press even further than was thought possible, what is even funnier, is that the article has an info box that gives you some data about the game (for the moral middleclass readers who probably don’t have a clue what the fuck Necromunda is!)

Truth is, a psycho could come from any walk of life. He could have any profession, any hobby or interest, be any race, gender or religion. Why not just focus on the real meat on the bone.

I know countless people who have played and enjoyed Necromunda, and as yet have not killed a person, yet I actually do know and have met “real” murderers, and none of them had the slightest interest in wargaming, RPGs or LARP.

The mind boggles.

CCTV of Wayne Smith en route to stab love rival Jon Britton | Mail Online.


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Weird Science: Chimp + Pig = Human?

1 Aug


Totally bizarre news here, it would seem that some scientists would like us to believe that humans are the result of a wild pig breeding with a chimpanzee at some point of our history. Even so this might sound a little far fetched, it would explain why cannibal tribes describe human flesh as long pig (well, those who say it tastes of chicken might disagree…)

As much as the so called evidence can provide, I thought this was interesting, something I might like to include in the background fluff of my Oggam backstory as a bit of fun, well maybe, seeing as though this is all so far fetched!

With the crazy scientists at one end and their oddball theories, to the wacky creationists and their funny stories, I think it’s best to wait for some real evidence of our origins to turn up, either way I’m not going to loose too much sleep over it!

Anyway, heres the link to the info, so you can see for yourselves, and you can make your own mind up if we’re not just monkey’s cousins, but now we’re to include pigs in our family tree….

A chimp-pig hybrid origin for humans?.

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Trouble with your Girlfriend? Why not make a Horse-Man Baby!!

16 Feb

I just gotta share this weird news story I got to learn about a few days ago, as this fellow is clearly an example of how not to sort out your relationship woes.

When you have a fall out with your partner, you might want to go and take some time out and cool down until you can both make up and settle your quarrels, but this guy here took a bit of a different tack.

 Andrew Mendoza decided to take his frustration and angst about his love life by trying a bit of DIY cross species interbreeding, with a horse!!

Apparently, when caught he admitted that he was trying to create a centaur or a “Horse-Man Baby”!  I have to admit, that it made me laugh and laugh about just from how stupid some humans can be.  To actually think he could make a horse pregnant is beyond me.

I’m sure that he will take “centaur stage” in prison with his new pals.

With all the latest horsemeat scandal in the UK, lets hope Mr Mendoza’s new love interest doesn’t find its way into a Findus lasagne anytime soon…..

Man caught having sex with horse was ‘trying to make it pregnant’ | The Sun |News.

peace out….

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Tesco say sorry for feeding us horse meat in burgers!

17 Jan

BBC News – Horsemeat in Tesco burgers prompts apology in UK papers.

Us in the UK will already be aware of the Tesco blunder that left some of their range of burgers with 33% horse meat.

Yes its true that us Brits generally are reviled by the thought of eating old dobbin, but many around the world still eat this as a prized feast. But the real truth is how horsemeat got into the system in the first place.

I”m not squeamish, I’ll eat any creature if it’s edible (perks of being at the top of the food chain) but, Tesco really need to up their game if they think a crappy apology is going to help. Most here wouldn’t touch horse meat if they were offered it to eat. Someone said it could be a way of us British separating ourselves from the French and others in Europe, but people here have a genuine love of horses, so that “pet” aspect is probably what makes folks reject stuff like this. I heard that the tradition of the French eating them comes from Napoleons failed attack on Russia, when the troops were returning to France, they ran out of food and supplies that lead to loads of them dying and getting diseased. This lead them to eating the horses to stop them from starving. Cooked in a metal breastplate, spiced with “gunpowder”! MMmm tasty!

Back to the point, the real problem is whether contamination has happened before, and been undetected. Many of us just consume stuff we buy, without regard for where it came from, or whats been put in it. Personally I avoid processed products in general for reasons like this.

The best quality contr0l is yourself. Preparing and cooking fresh food whenever possible is the best way to see exactly what’s going into what your eating.

A word to Tesco, Pull your F*&@ing finger out.

Mind you if you were one who actually had some , it’s all horses for courses!

Peace out…


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Lock up your daughters, It seems Bigfoot likes the human ladies….

29 Nov

Frame 352 from the film, alleged to depict a f...

Frame 352 from the film, alleged to depict a female “Bigfoot” mid-stride. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sightings of Bigfoot in USA based on informati...

Sightings of Bigfoot in USA based on information from the BFRO Geographical Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings & Reports (accessed 2009-04-08). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boffin claims Bigfoot DNA reveals BESTIAL BONKING • The Register.

This old Bigfoot DNA stuff is suggesting that the “Hybrid” human species was derived from another hominin interbreeding with a human female thousands of years ago. So I was right!

Like I mentioned, where did this sample evidence come from? Well, this seems to come from the recent hunt in Russia, but if this is the case, why do they suggest this is North American rather than Russian?

Until I see one, I’m not convinced. Dr Ketchum, go catch one!


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