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Chris Cornell, R.I.P.

19 May

A quick post (First of the day, that is)

Can’t believe that the great Chris Cornell is gone. This is terrible news.

He was a fantastic front man, from Soundgarden to Audioslave, and a successful solo career too, his voice was unique and soulful.

My thoughts are with his family and those close to him.

Rest in peace, and thank you for the music.

As a tribute, I want you to listen to one of my fave’s from him and Audioslave “Like a Stone” (quite fitting a tune as this deals with death and mortality, and incidentally one of the songs I want played at my funeral.)

I’ll be back later to give a skulltaliser update.

Cannibals and Corpses (No, it’s not a Roleplaying game, or a band. It’s real!)

3 Apr
Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de B...

Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de Bry for Hans Staden’s account of his 1557 captivity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from this weeks finale in The Walking Dead, what with their suspected terminus cannibal types, I thought I’d take it upon myself to guide you to a few choice real world tales of flesh munchers and cadavers.

On the theme of people eaters, that being cannibals to me and you, firstly I want to show you the recent report of what has been dubbed the cannibal cafe. You won’t see Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver here, but what you will see is human head on the menu (and I don’t mean the customers getting a BJ, it’s real human head!) The funny thing is that it seems like they did have customers, so it makes you wonder how widespread cannibalism is in the world. Sure, it’s certainly taboo, it would be naive to think it doesn’t happen anymore after thousands of years of human evolution, peppered with all sorts of human munching for various reasons of cuture, nessesity and madness.


The next bit of cannibal craziness is a most definitely 21st century spin on the theme, and some would even argue that this is even actually cannibalism (which in my opinion it is) This company hopes to take samples from the famous and then lab grow their meat to be eaten by others! I can’t see this being cheap since with the recent lab grown meat experiments costing a whole stack of cash, add on the cost of obtaining the original samples of the subjects, then the real costs of doing the do, then the hype and nonsense, then the cannibal costs (the privilage of eating long pig etc) then I surmise, this isn’t something you’ll just be able to get on the way back from the pub on a weekend like the humble dona kebab, and you’d have to be among the elite to afford it.

“It’s made out of people!” Making meat from celebrity tissue samples.

Of corpses, or not corpses (well, he is now anyway) with the story of the guy who was suspected dead, and woke up in a morgue. Well, two weeks after the incident, he died! It makes you wonder why he actually bothered, unless he’s going to wake up again in another two weeks and this is going to be a regular thing. I feel sorry for his family, it’s going to cost them a shit load in funerals!


More corpses, and the news that it seems likely that the infamous Black death was not as it was thought, spread by rat fleas, but it was airbourne. If you remember the old rhyme, ring O roses, “atichoo, atichoo, we all fall down” seems to be in line with some sort of flu type of strain and not infection from flea bites. Since when do you sneeze from getting bit by a flea? (I might be wrong, but the new synopsis seems more plausable in my opine!) What does bother me is, exhuming plague victims corpses doesn’t sound like a great idea since things like viruses, bacteria and such can lie dormant for thousands of years. Why is it a good idea to start digging up plague pits and fucking around with them? Whatever they do, the scientists can stay the fuck away from me! (and make sure they wash their hands!)


I’ll be back later with some recent developments in clown news…..


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The Walking Dead season 3, thoughts so far….

7 Nov

All I can say is….Wow!

For those of you who follow the show, you know what I’m talking about.

First ~Herschel getting bit by a walker, then having the infected leg amputated ad hoc in the prison cafeteria then surviving, then T-Dog getting bit on the shoulder (bye  T-dog, just as you could have had a more active role in the series!)

Then poor Lori, giving birth in the old skanky boiler room via the caesarian section from hell, then her own kid, Carl doing the deed to stop his old mum from coming back to life and chomping on them! Carl looks as if he is evolving into a cold and emotionless zombie hunter of the future, as would any kid growing up and surviving in a zombie filled post apoc landscape!

Where is this endless energy coming from in this new series?

Hats off to the entire operation for making this series even better than before, yeah, it was a good series before, but now, it’s a GREAT one!

New characters and old, totally new situations and locations, Woodbury and the prison, it just goes to show you there is still life (or unlife) in the zombie genre. I’m a total fanboy!

I am resisting the urge to read the original comic for  fear of too much info, but only just!

All this and its only episode 4! It’s enough to make the Govenor’s severed zombie head aquarium pets eyes roll!

Let me know what your thoughts on the new season so far, what your highlights or lowlights are by posting a comment (I know a great many folks come through my blog just to get the links to the show, so if that’s you, post a quick comment and lets have a discussion!!)




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Oggam Factions: The League of Anthracks

5 Oct

This is the next part of the Oggam fighting factions for the development of the 15mm Oggam war pig miniature range. This time we examine the most feared and sinister Oggam faction. The League of Anthracks….


Anthracks was the first kin that slaughtered Monroe. His story is one of tragedy according to many Oggam scholars. It is true that he killed Monroe, how he did it is another matter. Opinions are divided in Oggam circles. The real truth is that while he was among the original three from the very first program, he was far from perfect. He was clever, a fast learner and loyal at first. having been exposed to the most virulent strains of foot and mouth, he gained the nickname Anthracks for this reason. His constitution repeatedly fought off  infection, and earned him a permanent place in the program. His DNA had some other unforeseen glitches. He had a secret condition, a habit of wild psychotic  behavior which he managed to hide in peacetime. When he witnessed Monroe give the order personally to terminate the first kin, his world came crashing down, how could his beloved keeper do this to his children? Anthracks betrayed escaped by causing damage to the facility and released many deadly strains of disease from the lab, and took many sealed canisters of pathogens with him and his rescued kin. He would later track down Monroe and murder him in revenge for his actions against the kin. The tragedy according to Oggam lore is that Anthracks loved his keeper as he would his father, Monroe did create them after all, maybe with his own DNA. Anthracks was so wracked with guilt, he went insane and fled into the wastes, never to be seen again. His return is anticipated by Oggam, but Oggam religion is full of returning heroes and gods, so any potential arrival of a fated champion in the theatre of war, is usually interpreted as Ogi or Antracks, or any other legendary persona!


Anthracks had gone and all the Oggam were free to go their separate ways, Ogi took his people, Ugg his, Scrofa and the others departed. Life was left to return to a world where the Oggam ruled. Over the years in the south, kingdoms and tribes evolved and grew, rose and fell. The largest settlement to arise was the kingdom of Kru, a dangerous place, originally a busy port that supplied transport to the various islands and moons with their labs, factories and complexes. Now it had become a notorious city, the worst and most dangerous Oggam resided there, criminals and thieves. The other noted kingdom was Holgus, it had once been prosperous and lush, but years of constant plague and wild weather had began to take its toll and it’s people were dying. Out of this devastation came a religious movement that gave these Oggam any hope. The cult of the Black pig of death. It had a doctrine, that in order to save them from death and despair, that one should become one with it and become it, then the black pig would reward you with life. Desperate to believe a way out, the cult spread through the kingdom and within ten years, they had risen enough to replace the old guard with the order. After another ten, it had become the city of the black pig. Soon after this, it’s influence had swallowed up most of the southlands right up to Kru. The guilds that ran the kingdom behind the royal family would advise the city to allow a presence of the order to work in Kru without obstruction, or may fear the same fate as Holgus, so over time the state religion had adapted to the same philosophy and worked in old Oggam lore of legends of Anthracks, having become the incarnate black pig of death, and delivered the Oggam from destruction and betrayal from the keeper. Allied the two cities started a campaign of expansion and soon more smaller kingdoms and settlements would be absorbed by the army in the name of Anthracks, the tragic folk hero. The moon of Tor was next to be cleverly converted to the insidious cult by having their lore interwound and stories of Tor the pig of fire written in as the brother of the black pig, even the land of Okva, with its primative Oggam barbarians converted by missionaries, preaching the word. Their spirits and ancestors would become part of the religion’s pantheon of brother and sister lesser deities. Whilst still independent states, they would eventually sign a pact and create the league with its council of the inner kin, a representative of each highest member states and kingdoms presiding over the law of all allied countries.


The league of nations under Anthracks stands a tough and determined faction, many under one symbol. The structure of law is roughly the same overall, but with regional variation. The cult’s holy priests and brotherhood are in charge of everything from daily life to the main army. The philosophy is so ingrained on society, young oggam must serve in the army as holy emissaries of the brotherhood. Brainwashed and initiated in varying layers of ritual and rank, they become fanatical and are quite willing to die on the words of the masters, some may rise up the ladder and occupy authority in the many levels of training, but most will throw themselves at the enemy to martyr themselves in the name of Anthracks. The inner circles of power thrive on this, and scheme and formulate new ways to assimilate the rest of Oggam to the ideal of totality, this reality will end in armageddon if they achieve the aim, the masses fight without question. Only the factions of the Empire of Og, the Iron legion and smaller countries stand in the way. This is probably because they have not experienced the harsh history they have, and the beliefs held oppose the league so much fundamentally. Itwould be fair to say that the long war over the holy place of Styx will wage for as long as each stand to give breath. There is a more sinister tone to the war. The league seeks to make sure that no one finds the truth of what happened at Styx and how the real history of the Oggam would be revealed. The cult would loose it’s control and they would be no more. That’s why the war rages still.

High priests of the order of the Black pig


The forces of the league are mainly made up from converted fanatic Oggam who have something to prove. Most are armed with what they can get their hands on, wearing dark colours and face coverings or cowls. these Oggam are un-anointed until they have proved the black pig of death has saved them from destruction. Once they have survived long enough, they are then given a uniform consisting of robes, body armour, resparator and a black hood with Anthracks’ glyph emblazoned upon it. They are then branded with his symbol and join the ranks of the holy army. Unusually all breeds of Oggam fight side by side with the order, even sometimes females, all are equal when the black pig comes calling. If an Oggam is raised beyond the general brotherhood, they may find them self being promoted to any of the more specialised circles. The hand of Anthracks are the secret police, deadly assassins and cruel torturers of those deemed an enemy of the state. The Heart of Anthracks are the faithful, missionaries, doomsayers and prophets, while the hoof are the heavy support, engineers and fabricators of the wargear used by the armies. The mechanised divisions whilst small compared to the golden empire and Uggaram, make use of nightmare weapons, like Black Stanks or “Stink tanks” designed to carpet bomb entire areas with poisoned gases and smoke. Spewers are tracked vehicles with huge silage containers attached to turreted hoses, that spray the enemy with toxic, corrosive or diseased waste. Many an Oggam parent has told stories of these terrable contraptions to their ogglets to make them behave, they bring fear untold that would make even the most grizzled cybogs nervous. The Hoof maintain other salvaged and stolen vehicles taken in battle and reused. A quick lick of black paint and the triangle mark of the faction, and they are ready to serve the order, in fact if they can repurpose anything for destruction, they will use it and it will march along side the fanatical army. Forged in factories that pollute the skies every day and night, ceaselessly churning weapons of war for the cause.

More specialist troops from other areas will fight with the main faithful, the Fire warriors of Tor, for example are a strange but deadly force, known for their bizarre worship of the core of the moon of Tor as a deity, regularly sacrificing captured enemies by burning them alive. They wear pointed asbestos hooded flame retardant battle gear to withstand the heat from the temperatures of the burner cannons they traditionally carry. They also are the only league member states that own any short range attack craft (They live on a moon, so it is essential for transport) These burn spitters as they are called, provide air support to the league’s fighting capability. The Korsairs of Kru, bring movement in the form of a large navy of steamships and boats. Little more than pirates, they are fast and know the seas well, transporting troops and supplies over the globe. Finally the Okvan beastmasters, and their trained mugal beasts sometimes are used to flush out the enemy, by poking and taunting the huge savage beasts, they can be sent to panic enemy troops as well as eat them. There are many beasts these masters employ, such as spike wyrms, and packs of huge wild boar.

With the Oggam population rising each day, it could be said the attempted strategies of the League might not really make a dent in the overall numbers. But, given chance to enact the end game, the oggam would be no more……


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