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Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Rising up, Easy level Riser tiles for your set up!

5 Dec




Today’s Grim’s Dungeons of Doom tutorial is another dead easy one, level riser tiles to elevate your dungeon to a higher level! These simple to make tiles will add an extra dimension to your set ups, and will create much more options when making your set-ups.

All you’ll need for this structural addition to your dungeon set up is some cardboard boxes, cereal box card, other assorted discarded boxes, glue, textured wallpaper, lollypopsticks or other wooden type sticks (both optional), plus paint for undercoat and finishing. Continue reading

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers Kickstarter

14 May


There’s so much cool stuff for 28mm wargaming these days, it almost makes me want to start the switch back over. The choice and availability for the scale seems to far outstrip the rest that for most, it’s classed as god’s own scale!

Regulars to the site will recognise this latest KS from the tabletop towns stable of products, with this time, something for the wargamers who play modern & scifi. These containers suit the modular nature of the tabletop towns style of simple block shaped buildings and terrain, and I’m sure there will be plenty of takers for them.

Ideal scenics for a modern/zombie setting as well as the plethora of more scifi orientated stuff, and quite asthetically pleasing when grouped, it adds another string to their growing catalogue of portable card scenery. If you’ve been paying attention to the evolution of tabletop towns, I can see great things to come from them in the future.

Personally I’m holding out for some 15mm stuff (city blocks and the like) and I’d be all over them like no ones business, but I think that there’s probably more viability in 28mm in terms of sales from the 28mm folks, but with the growing popularity of 15mm, I still reckon there’s a good untapped market with the 15mm crowd.

As ever I wish them the best with their campaign (even so I know they’ll get full funding)

Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers. by Julian G Hicks — Kickstarter.

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Grim’s Modelmaking Tips: My top 10 Cheap or Free materials for scratchbuilding

2 Oct

I know this article probably won’t be as useful to some readers here, already well into the scratchbuilding bug like me, but I would hope that some of you that may have little or no experience in this subject will find some or all of it useful in some way. I intend to put up a few of these articles using this cheapo method I have been using for many years.

To me, paying for some modelling supplies is a real pain. I begrudge forking out for anything that impacts on my budget. Call me tight, but this comes from many years ago, when I was really skint, barely scraping a life, paying bills for myself and such, I am very much into making things of all types, and get stircrazy when I get a great idea and can’t carry it out for lack of stuff to make it with. This has lead me to become very inventive in my use of mundane junk from all over the place. Now I can’t abide good stuff I could use to make models or terrain from going to waste . All you expert scratch builders will know how just one cool bit of junk can make you inspired to make a fantastic model, and I thought I would give my top 10 best free (or at least lowest cost) things to collect for your bits box (You might need to get a box to start with to collect up your finds if you don’t have one(or several like me) already!)

Continue reading

28mm Future Tank, scratch built from junk and card!

22 Sep

I got bored one day and decided to make a tank from junk bits and cereal box card. I thought I might make a small merc force for 40K, just not spending much cash on it instead of forking out a wedge of cash from GW or similar, so as I usually do, set to work cutting, sticking and glueing one together. The main body what I started with was an old cigarette box with the lid set in at an angle. I just started to bolt stuff on bit by bit, layer after layer (I won’t bore you with a tutorial today, unless anyone wants to know) It is mostly cereal box card, but there is the odd bit of plastic, roll up filters, wire and paper (The main gun and side guns are made from just rolled up paper, I could have used straws or any kind of tubing, but it was the only thing I had at hand at the time!)

At  this point, I got bored again and shelved it until I had more materials, a little later than that, my nine year old daughter saw it and blagged me for it, after her pleading for a while, I gave in and gave it to her unfinished. Here’s what it looked like:



Later, she then decided that she DID want it painting! So I had no choice but to sort it for her.

I first gave it an all over silver spray undercoat a couple of times and left it to dry.


Next, I used a chestnut ink wash, then a brown wash,and last a thin 50/50 ink/acrylic black/brown wash to weather it somewhat to detract from the bright silver from the spray.


After the washes had dried, I started to paint it with some details, a bit of camo on selected bits (Forgive my camo, I’m not the best at it at all, but it’s ok) painted the wires and did some out lines on the flat panels to add interest etcImageImageImage

The base is made from a CD insert you get in the spools of disks, its clear and thin, but seemed appropriate as the tank is made from waste stuff anyway. I got to work layering dark grey flock, patches of brown flock, odd.patches of grey railway ballast and then static grass in tufts.

The tank was then varnished and glued on to the base. Voila! Done.

My daughter hasn’t seen it yet, so it will be a great surprise for her when she gets up in the morning!

I must admit, I am quite surprised every time I get some random bits to make something from junk, how well it turns out from just a few hours all in all, how people spend lots of good money on modelling materials that are just as good as stuff you might be chucking in the bin. I recommend it to everyone. Sure the tank is rough around the edges and if I had taken my time to get it right (Im not a one for precise measuring and stuff, with things like this, I don’t have any plans or drawings, just an idea that just evolves as bits get added until it looks near enough.) With more time and effort it would have been epic, but as its for my kid, I reckon she won’t mind at all.

I do plan on doing some more tanks, but these will be in 15mm and more like robotic tanks (Think terminator Hunter killers) Keeping this one would have meant I would have to put a force together in 28mm, something I don’t have space to do (yet another army….Later perhaps!) but I think that the same idea will work for 15mm as long as I keep the size down (Yeah bolting things on can quite easily lead to putting too much on and blowing the whole scale, so I will make sure to bear it in mind) Her’s the finished article:


Conclusions: It worked out better than what I expected considering, I would urge all you wargamers to try and have a go at making your own, have an experiment, all its going to cost you is some glue and paint, everything else is free (well, the basing flocks and static grass and ballast weren’t, but they cost pennies in this case, you’ll probably have them anyway)

I just hope my kid doesn’t expect me to get her a load of minis to go with it (And lets hope they won’t be at GW’s uber prices!!)

Next time I make a tank, i’m thinking magnets and lights hmmm…….




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