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Cannibals and Corpses (No, it’s not a Roleplaying game, or a band. It’s real!)

3 Apr
Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de B...

Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de Bry for Hans Staden’s account of his 1557 captivity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from this weeks finale in The Walking Dead, what with their suspected terminus cannibal types, I thought I’d take it upon myself to guide you to a few choice real world tales of flesh munchers and cadavers.

On the theme of people eaters, that being cannibals to me and you, firstly I want to show you the recent report of what has been dubbed the cannibal cafe. You won’t see Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver here, but what you will see is human head on the menu (and I don’t mean the customers getting a BJ, it’s real human head!) The funny thing is that it seems like they did have customers, so it makes you wonder how widespread cannibalism is in the world. Sure, it’s certainly taboo, it would be naive to think it doesn’t happen anymore after thousands of years of human evolution, peppered with all sorts of human munching for various reasons of cuture, nessesity and madness.


The next bit of cannibal craziness is a most definitely 21st century spin on the theme, and some would even argue that this is even actually cannibalism (which in my opinion it is) This company hopes to take samples from the famous and then lab grow their meat to be eaten by others! I can’t see this being cheap since with the recent lab grown meat experiments costing a whole stack of cash, add on the cost of obtaining the original samples of the subjects, then the real costs of doing the do, then the hype and nonsense, then the cannibal costs (the privilage of eating long pig etc) then I surmise, this isn’t something you’ll just be able to get on the way back from the pub on a weekend like the humble dona kebab, and you’d have to be among the elite to afford it.

“It’s made out of people!” Making meat from celebrity tissue samples.

Of corpses, or not corpses (well, he is now anyway) with the story of the guy who was suspected dead, and woke up in a morgue. Well, two weeks after the incident, he died! It makes you wonder why he actually bothered, unless he’s going to wake up again in another two weeks and this is going to be a regular thing. I feel sorry for his family, it’s going to cost them a shit load in funerals!


More corpses, and the news that it seems likely that the infamous Black death was not as it was thought, spread by rat fleas, but it was airbourne. If you remember the old rhyme, ring O roses, “atichoo, atichoo, we all fall down” seems to be in line with some sort of flu type of strain and not infection from flea bites. Since when do you sneeze from getting bit by a flea? (I might be wrong, but the new synopsis seems more plausable in my opine!) What does bother me is, exhuming plague victims corpses doesn’t sound like a great idea since things like viruses, bacteria and such can lie dormant for thousands of years. Why is it a good idea to start digging up plague pits and fucking around with them? Whatever they do, the scientists can stay the fuck away from me! (and make sure they wash their hands!)


I’ll be back later with some recent developments in clown news…..


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The disturbing world of Thimo Graef on Indiegogo

23 May

As with the last post I made, concerning the recent British cannibal study, it leads me to post about the subject again.

This time I’d like to draw your attention to several active Indiegogo campaigns. This however is not my usual crowdfunding spotlight (as i wouldn’t want to garner this person any positive exposure) but, an example of the kind of strange underground concerning 21st century cannibalism that is rumoured about on the net.

I have to say, if you take a look at the page I’m directing you to, you’ll find a list of active projects by Thimo Graef, a german cannibal in the making from what it seems. Putting my forensic psychology and criminology hat on, I would say that this guy is somewhat obsessed with eating people, and seems to get off on it too. Just take a look at the themes going on with the different projects, and you’ll find that there’s a definite cannibal fetish going on, with both the sexes (It seems that as long as they are human, he has no preference!) There’s something clearly amiss with all this, and this is what I was talking about in the last post. This seems like a guy who’s heading toward killing someone! Just read the bit about the film he wants to make, with the cannibal killer even getting away with the murder (and feast) without any recourse.

This to me sends warning signals of a person on the edge, existing in the fringes of modern society, influenced by other would be flesh eaters across the globe, brought together by a shared sick fantasy over the world wide web.

For as much good to humanity the web has brought us, so too has it brought darkness and sickness. I really am surprised that Indiegogo has let him put up the projects. Surely I can’t be the only one thinking something isn’t right with this?

Ok, so now your going to tell me, well Will, you go on about strange stuff, zombies and monsters, so isn’t it like pot calling the kettle and so forth? Why are YOU even disturbed when you come out with all this shite?

I say this, While I do love the horror and the monsters, gore and carnage, I know that it’s not real, there’s no blurring of the lines, nor should there ever be. I don’t get a hard on thinking about zombies, nor any other ficticious horror scenario I may see or read elsewhere. I may be a bit ecentric, but I’m not a total crazy.

So, yes, ok this guy might be normal (ahem…I did say might…) and he can distinguish fantasy and reality, but he just keeps reminding me of the recent trend I mentioned to keep this whole cannibal culture popping up over the media. I fear for the future. My kids future.

Go and have a look, and tell me what you think and leave me your thoughts, am I just imagining this or not…

Thimo Graef | Indiegogo.

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It’s Official, Britain is a nation of cannibals!

21 May

Yes, it’s official folks, Great Britain is a nation of human flesheaters! It must be true, it was in the Daily Star!

But on a serious note, it does make one wonder, that really how many people around us can actually admit to thinking the same as a few of the questions posed in the report? Yeah, I have had loads of conversations over the years about this subject, but that kind of jabber would hardly brand me as a cannabal! As I’m pretty sure that of the folks in the study.

However things like this have always made me wonder if within our societies, we have a dark sector of twisted individuals who really do practice these things in secret. We already know there are suggestions of underground sicko sites that allow people with a cannibal fetish/fantasy to message each other over the web, and of people  actually willing to be eaten! Maybe I watch too many real crime things on TV and read the oddest news on the net, it kind of stops me from having faith in other human beings, with the evil stuff that seemingly normal people do each week really does astound me.

Note to self: to stop watching horror movies and try comedies instead!

I do feel as though the media has a recent trend in pushing the once taboo subject of cannabalism on the mainstream, and maybe thats a side effect of the new 24 hour news generation, and its new agenda of pursuing the human condition as far as it can, however and whatever the subject may be.

All I can say is be prepared for more news like this.

Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: New report shows that Britain is a nation of cannibals.

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‘Cannibal cop’, Gilberto Valle wanted to take a girl home for Thanksgiving dinner….

28 Nov
English: Thanksgiving cheer distributed for me...

MMmmm. loving the “girlmeat” Happy Thanksgiving folks!!English: Thanksgiving cheer distributed for men in service. New York City turned host to the boys in service today and cared for every man in uniform. Ca. 1918. Underwood & Underwood. (War Dept. ) Exact Date Shot Unknown . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


‘Cannibal cop’ | Gilberto Valle | New York City policeman|denied bail.

The world it seems is chocablock with all kinds of oddball loons, especially with the addition of the internet allowing these sad mental loners to correspond with other mentals that share similar ideals.

One of which is cannabalism. OK, I don’t mind talking taboo subjects, but when society creates a bubble of taboo around something, there will always be those who seek to get their damaged minds around the repression and just get nuts.

The worst of all, there seems to be an underground movement on the net of loony wannabe cannibals hooking up with each other over chatrooms and messageboards to get off on their twisted desires. Even worse is this guy was actually a cop, and was meticulously planning to abduct a female so he could slow cook her and eat her on Thanksgiving day.

Now, I’m from the UK, so as far as I’m aware, don’t you guys in the states usually have a huge turkey dinner with all the trimmings? It’s his craving for some “girl meat” that’s got him into bother, even though he hasn’t even done anything apart from “his intent” which to all we know would maybe only ever fantasised about. Still the guy is a fucking loon!

My opinion on whether I’d resort to eating another human being would be in the same sense as the crash survivors, who resorted to it to survive. Humans are to rife with disease and lurgies, and unless people were actually grown for the purpose of eating and screened for all the dirty bugs and genetic impurities the same way we do for animals, I wouldn’t touch them, even if “Long Pig” is supposed to be the most exquisite meat.

I wouldn’t eat a dog, and statistically it’s got less bugs and bacteria than an average human, so neither would I tuck into a steak of human flesh.

Maybe he thought he would make a change this year, after all isn’t it supposed to taste like “Chicken”…..





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