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Grinning Skull Studios Patreon Launched!

5 Sep

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Well, it’s been ages but I finally did it, launched the Grinning Skull Patreon page. This had been on the back boiler for a hell of a long time, but due to life commitments and other stuff, I had always put it off. Partly because I think I didn’t quite get what it all meant, but after long drawn out studies of the whole thing, I decided it was the right time.

So, I guess you are wondering what it all means? Well, for those out there who don’t know about Patreon, is that it’s a way for people like yourself to help support independent creators (such as little old me) and keep the lights on here, free to create more content and push forward. It is also a way to interact and take a role in shaping future stuff and stay ahead with news and so forth with said creators.

To go directly over to Patreon, check it out here:


I had been wracking my brain to think of how this would go down, but to begin with, here goes.

bronze skull award

Join as a Patron at the $1 level to become part of the Order of the Bronze Skull. This affords you the eternal gratitude of us here, and your name will be added to every future Title release under the Bronze Skull Level and a shout out on the Patreon page of this here website too. This is useful if your a business or publisher yourself as all you need to do is PM or email me and I’ll add a simple link to where ever you want (no adult or shady stuff though guys!) Plus you get one of a choice of 9 Grinning Skull Studios PDF titles from “Da List”. This selection will change as I add more to it as and when, but I’m up for suggestions and so forth…

silver skull award

Join as a Patron at this level ($3 per month) and you’ll get a shout out in all future Grinning Skull titles and the Patron page here (links included if you like) as well as 3 titles from “Da list” and everything else that you get at the Bronze Patronage too. Plus my eternal gratitude (which in itself is worth a fortune!)

gold skull award

The Order of the Golden Skull ($5 per month) gets everything the previous tiers get, plus 5 Grinning Skull titles from “Da List”, eternal thanks and homage and the knowledge that your supporting an independent creator.

Here’s the start up version of “Da List” which will be updated over time, so keep checking for updates and such!

da list

In addition all pledges will receive updates of what I’m working on, WIPs, chances to vote on stuff and make suggestions, even free titles and discounts before anyone else and whatever else I can muster up along the way.

So please consider becoming a Patron and visit the link, or simply share, comment or feel free to suggest anything you might think would help.





Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

4 Sep

Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great today and life is treating you well.
I’m here to let you know about our new hobby advertising initiative here
at Grinning Skull Studios, that is for any advertiser in the RPG/Wargaming/gaming field.

We are happy to offer a full page colour advertisment in our PDF releases for $10
per month (Our usual RRP: $30) limited to the first 10 advertisers who apply. We release at least 6 new titles monthly, and for jut $10 per month, your full page ad will be included in every title for the month.

Considered advert genres include:

  • All RPG media & companies,
  • All Wargaming media, companies, miniatures & equipment/supplies,
  • Video games,
  • All LARP media & promotion,
  • Horror media, film & fiction,
  • Fantasy media, film & fiction,
  • Sci-fi media, film & fiction,
  • Genre Websites,
  • Comics media,
  • Crafts & handmade items,
  • Anything that fits into our niche (please contact me for details)

All our customers are Wargamers & Rpgers, so you can garauntee that your ads will get FULL VISIBILITY from our targetted niche market. $10 wont get you much more than a small meal and a coffee these days, so get in touch with me if you’d like to
discuss more about this deal! (contact me via the page in the menu!)

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers Kickstarter

14 May


There’s so much cool stuff for 28mm wargaming these days, it almost makes me want to start the switch back over. The choice and availability for the scale seems to far outstrip the rest that for most, it’s classed as god’s own scale!

Regulars to the site will recognise this latest KS from the tabletop towns stable of products, with this time, something for the wargamers who play modern & scifi. These containers suit the modular nature of the tabletop towns style of simple block shaped buildings and terrain, and I’m sure there will be plenty of takers for them.

Ideal scenics for a modern/zombie setting as well as the plethora of more scifi orientated stuff, and quite asthetically pleasing when grouped, it adds another string to their growing catalogue of portable card scenery. If you’ve been paying attention to the evolution of tabletop towns, I can see great things to come from them in the future.

Personally I’m holding out for some 15mm stuff (city blocks and the like) and I’d be all over them like no ones business, but I think that there’s probably more viability in 28mm in terms of sales from the 28mm folks, but with the growing popularity of 15mm, I still reckon there’s a good untapped market with the 15mm crowd.

As ever I wish them the best with their campaign (even so I know they’ll get full funding)

Tabletop Towns – Cargo Containers. by Julian G Hicks — Kickstarter.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Base Stamp Pads Kickstarter

4 Sep

Kickstarter has the effect sometimes to make me really peeved that I don’t have a wedge of cash available to get some really cool bits and pieces from time to time, and this one is no exception.

Wargames Bakery’s entry to the kickstarter arena, is actually pretty good, a series of base stampers that could be easily used in all sorts of mini related projects. With a lot of options on hand to choose from, there seems to be something for everyone in regards to styles and genres.

If you are wondering what a base stamper is, these pads are inverse detailed with designs to create an impression on your models bases using greenstuff or milliput/ epoxy putties. The featured results on the project page are actually really cool, and providing I ad some spare funds, I’d be using these for detailing on my terrain and scenics, as well as bases. It’s no wonder they have well achieved funding for this great product!

It’s good to see new innovative products keeping rolling up on crowdfunding sites, it just goes to show you that there’s plenty of great ideas out there that might never see the light of day without platforms like these!

With 10 days left until the end of the project, get on over to get yourselves a piece of the action while you can! (that’s right, you rub it in!…)

Bake Your Own Basius – Base Stamp Pads 4 Wargames Miniatures by Wargames Bakery — Kickstarter.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mythical Lairs Kickstarter

20 Jun

It seems that modular terrain is the soup of the day at the moment,and that everyone’s at having a go at making sets for us to spend their money on. The only problem I can foresee like I mentioned before, was that you need to sell some internal organs on the black market to be able to afford enough to have a great set up.

You see, it’s not the quality that’s the problem, it’s the prices. Sure, I would love all this stuff, and all matching too, just that they really don’t accept Monopoly money as bona fide currency at the moment!

Back to the KS…Some of you might recognise some pieces from this as being Hirst Arts stuff, and you’d be right. It is, and apparently it’s the only officially licensed stuff you’ll get.

My problem is this. This KS is being plugged as “the new best thing in modular scenics doodah” type of affair, when clearly it isn’t, given that these are all cast from the original Hirst arts moulds. There is nothing new or revolutionary about that.

Yes Hirst arts moulds are great, and in high demand, but if your wanting more bang for your buck and can afford a bit, my advice is get some hirst arts moulds for yourself, along with a big sack of strong stone plaster and go and make it yourself. It seems a little harsh saying that, but it looks as if they are using some kind of plaster for these, with them stating that they all get a grey wash when cast (I’m pretty sure that resin requires more than a grey wash to get a finish like that, and looks suspiciously like some form of plaster with the matt finish you can see)

Modular scenery can be new and exciting, but I fail to see it here. Nice enough, but no cigar!

Anyway, who am I to poo poo this project, go and take a mosey over to the project page and make your mind up for yourself!!

Mythical Lairs – The Next Step in Dungeon Terrain by Kimberly Johnson — Kickstarter.

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