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The Future, Dear reader, the future….!

30 Sep


So, as I sit here and ponder, just where the fuck have my tutorial pictures gone for my next Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article, lost in my 10,000 file folders it seems, it got me drifting off, thinking about what to do for future posts.

Sure, I’ll be doing more dungeons posts, as well as more crowdfunding spotlights, and more news of future releases from me, but just what do you, my readers want to see featured here?

So, rather than post up a poll, I wanted to engage you lot, to see what you think? More dedicated industry interviews (I had planned it, but do you want them?) Terrain tutorials? Reviews? 15 or 28mm?

I’ve finally managed to get hold of Frostgrave, so would you want to see something relating to that, be it 15mm terrain for the game, or a focus on the 28mm? More craft/making stuff, whatever it be?

So many things, so many decisions.

So I throw it over to you. Let me know in the comments section, or contact me directly if you have suggestions, ideas or what ever you’d like.

You know, this site isn’t just here to keep promoting my variety of tat, it is to entertain and enlighten (well, maybe thats going too far!) and of course, I do it for you all, my lovely readers!!

Let me know!


Well, New year and back to business as usual…

9 Jan

Hello all, I’m back now,and hoping to get concentrate on getting things back on schedule here on the blog. I’ve been taking it easy on the net, so I hope you aint’ missed me too much!

I hope that Santa brought you lot some good stuff, and that you ate your fill of turkey and Xmas pud!

I do enjoy the chance to refresh one’s lifestyle palette, so to speak, the whole way the new years resolution phase allows each of us to make a new start in our lives, however large or small that it may amount to. Even so much of these promises we make to ourselves fall by the wayside, we do owe it to ourselves to try the best to at least give it a try, nothing too much out of the comfort zone, but for those of weaker willpower, something easy and more achievable is probably best (Like many I know) Yes a new year is a great time to get setting goals.

Myself, I’m already getting back into the vibe with loads of new stuff on my workbench, I’ve been finishing lots of old part done projects, as well as a few new ones (I must admit things are getting done with some gusto, they are coming along with excellent speed!) I’ll be showing off some of these soon when I dust off the camera and take a few shots of the stuff.

I’ve been tackling my Oggam specific boards and pieces,  designing 28mm trolls and their kin, a 28mm dungeon board and bits, Mad Mecha guy scenery, Deluxe zombie mask madness and more. Lots of new ideas too for this year, a pretty mixed bag of stuff I hope to be sticking my fingers into, I hope you’ll be in it too for the ride.

Happy New year.

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www.thegrinningskull.co.uk, the new home of The Grinning Skull!

2 Apr


I just wanted to tell you, that this mighty blog can now be found at www.thegrinningskull.co.uk, our new domain on the interwebs!

Yes, I suppose its been a long time coming, but I got there eventually, to be honest its taken a while to get the re directioning right, despite many useless emails to the domain seller! I can assure you that this is now a valid link and hopefully, we should start seeing a little difference in the search ratings (again hopefully!!)

Please let everyone know, spread the word. It’s a bit easier to remember without the extended subdomain (http://www.thegrinningskull.wordpress.com) but rest assured, you can still find it there too (if you prefer!)

Sheesh, the things I do to make life easier for you lot…..!!

Peace out….

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The Grinning Skull is nominated for a Liebster Blog award!

21 Oct

Here at the Grinning Skull, I’m happy to announce that we have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award, by Brick over at his blog “They are all against me!” I would like to send a message of thanks to him for this nomination, and accept it, even though I don’t really know much about it!!

I’ve read that its for up and coming new blogs, and as I have only been going for three months, I guess I qualify, and I’m humbled at the nomination!

According to what I have seen as far as I understand it, I have  to nominate five similar blogs that deserve a Liebster award.

I’ll have a think about that one and get back to you later with my nominations!




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