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Bathsalts zombies: A year on.

25 Jun

I’ts been a just over a year since the bathsalts zombie phenomena first came to our attention through the media, when on 26th May 2012 bath salts user Rudy Eugene tried to eat the flesh off homeless Ronald Poppo‘s face, while high on the synthetic drug.

While you might think things are quiet on the front concerning bath salts cases, you’d be wrong. Bath salts and it’s rage zombies are still there, going on strong. The whole bathsalts zombies subject really fascinates me, to think that there are these crazies running around doing the whole zombie thing is straight out of the horror movies! Bring on the apocolypse!!

I know that many of my readers come through my site just for news of real world zombie stuff like this, so with that in mind I thought I’d put up a couple of choice newer bits of related bath salts zombie news from around the net. For those of you who haven’t heard about the deadly drug and it’s effects, take a look at the video just to see these mentals in action.


I would like to highlight this article on the subject if your interest lies in the realms of the real life drug fuelled zombie , which also includes an incident from the couple of weeks.

Lets face it, the bath saltszombie is here to stay.

Now, where’s my weapons….!

Apocolypse now, folks!!!

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Could this incident in Miami be a Bath Salts zombie attack?

3 Jan

Naked Man Shot After Homeowner Says He Choked Dog « CBS Tampa.

So if you read the story here, it sounds pretty much we have another bath salts zombie attack. While maybe not as horrific as the Poppo attack, it still has all the key points to a user of this mad drug.

It isn’t the first time a bath salts user has tried to attack a dog, nor bite someone. It also seems that any self respecting bath salt druggie user feels like naked is the “new” dressed.

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Police warning on potent drugs ‘bath salts’ causing psychotic and naked rampages | The Courier-Mail

19 Nov
English: A box of bath salts with some of the ...

English: A box of bath salts with some of the contents spilled beside it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Note: these are not the drug bath salts, but actual bath salts!

As you may know, here at the Grinning Skull, zombies figure heavily and I like to keep up to date with the latest news, trends and media. You may remember that I have published several news articles about the “Bath salts zombie effect” that drug users experience whilst high on these new designer drugs. Things have been quiet since earlier in the year with a few incidents in the US and eastern europe, but until now news of places like the UK and Australia have been clear.

That is until I read this article. It details the Aussie police and their dealings with the new bath salts menace over there.

Police warning on potent drugs ‘bath salts’ causing psychotic and naked rampages | The Courier-Mail.

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31 Oct

You know me, zombie mad I am, here’s a great article with more on the bath salts zombies and a bit of cannabalism added, reblogged from Storiesbywilliams, happy halloween!!



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Stories by Williams

zombiesI hear it more and more these days: “Is this the Zombie Apocalypse we were warned about?” Or is this just one of those rare occasions when pop culture and real news come together to create a sick, existential joke? In either case, I think we all know what I’m talking about. A little incident involving a naked man and some face eating? Yes, that one!

In that case, police indicated that drugs were involved, a strange new psychogenic named “Cloud Nine”. This drug is apparently a form of MDPV cocaine, also known by the street name “Bath Salts”. The “zombie man” Rudy Eugene was apparently loaded on the euphoric amphetamine when he attacked Ronald Poppo, bit half his face off, and then threatened to eat the police.

According to numerous stories on the subject, this product is a perfectly legal form of bath salt that is meant to provide an…

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Zombie warning: Bath Salts will make you eat someones face!

27 Sep

There is a disturbing street drug, those readers in the US will already know about “bath salts“, but for those who live in other countries that haven’t heard about this deadly designer drug, here’s a bit of info.


Basically the drug makes you trip out, hallucinate apparently want to eat someone, like this Miami attack, where the man on the bottom left, Rudy Eugene, supposedly on bath salts at the time was reported naked, attacking a man besides a motorway. When challenged by cops, he continued to keep munching on the victims face, an old homeless man, Ronald Poppo.

Here’s the news report from the scene:

Police officers then fired on him, subsequently ending up pumping quite a few shots into him before he finally stopped and died. So the birth of the age of the bath salts zombie cannabal face eaters has begun. There have been several more incidents across the states, but this must be one of the most bizarre things someone could do whilst high on drugs. Or is it something else. This story in the news reports that Eugene had only marijuana in his system on the toxicology report at his post mortem. Since when has a stoner got the munchies, so badly he wanted to cannabalise another. No one gets that high.


Poppo, luckily survived, but as you can see, the after effects of the attack have left him forever scarred. Before and after.

As for the controversy about the drug, there has got to be something really wrong. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen, there are several other stories like this linked with bath salts, this New York woman tried to eat her dog and attack her 3 year old, before she died.


Are we actually on the brink of a zombie apocolypse?, maybe this is all a rouse to cover up a real hidden truth behind the reason for these gruesome attacks? The media would seem to think so. What do you think?




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