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It’s time to open the Book of the Draxxion!

2 Jun

A while ago a few of us were working on a campaign system and universe for 15mm gamers to inhabit and allow cross overs from the different scifi 15mm manufacturers miniatures with other games and rulesets, and so forth. The project stalled, probably due to the amount of work it would have taken over time and other commitments. Myself too having family health problems at the time didn’t help either. Anyway, it started me off creating a race of space dragon saurians for the campaign, which then lead to me doing a few sculpts, so by then I was invested into the idea and not wanting to waste a good idea, have devised ways and means to combine them with what I would like to think of as the “Grinning Skull Universe” setting (which includes the Oggam, Pliiim, Kize, and all my other strange and weird  aliens) So I think it’s time to create a new book in my Grinning Skull Ebook suppliments range, but this time will detail that of the Draxxion race! (Hey, if I can do it for mutant pig ogres, I can sure do the same for space dragons!)

Here’s a start to it, there’s still loads to do, notes, diagrams, charts and even some fiction to come (as well as some art too) Please have a read, and tell  me what you think or if it inspires you any!


The Royal houses of the Draxxion

The history of the Draxx Millions of years ago, at the time of the great extinction on earth, there dwelled a race of great saurian creatures that lived at the same time as the legendary dinosaurs. These creatures were intelligent and wise, highly advanced in all sciences, wisdom and learning. They lived in cities above and below the ground, and were happy and successful, until the planet killer came. This huge asteroid was fortold by the scholars and wise, prompting them to take steps to preserve their numbers by escaping to the stars. Huge ark ships were constructed to transport them and their stocks of more primitive relations to safer worlds. Thus the asteroid came (which they name “H’chosk’uhur” or the “Great Motivator”) and most of the early Draxxion race fled to nearby systems to find a new home. Thus the mammals inherited the earth and the Draxxion settled in several new worlds. Over the millions of years the Draxx race flourished, many times would civilisations rise and fall on many worlds they inhabited, sometimes leading to new advances in the arts and science, sometimes leading to disaster and stunting their progress. Around the Draxxion universal 12,788 (AD 1590) The Draxx were in the hieght of another multiworld war with each other, as the worlds of Metritoch, Vich’iktin and Gannis were laid waste by the battles fought by rival Draxxion brothers, Eclipsion, Infernus and Meteora and forces loyal to them. This wide spanning war threatened to destabilise and engulf hundreds of smaller planets in the wake, each staging large battles with immense weapons of war. The decision was made to put a stop to the fighting by uniting against the three sides with allied force led by many mighty and legendary Draxxion leaders and champions,thereby creating the Grand Conclave of the Elder Council (Which still stands today) The council eventually battled the brothers, each eventually succumbing to the authority of the conclave and beginning a golden age of peace and co-operation between all Draxx. Ever since this formation, the Royal Houses of the most influencial players in this war are remembered by the founding and each can trace their hertiage back to any of the houses.


There are hundreds of these royal lines, some large and influencial, some small and insignificant, but still each hold a direct line back to that war and the heroes of old.

INFERNUS: Decendants of Infernus, dwellers adapted to worlds of high temperatures, highly proud and warlike.

METEORA: Decendants of Meteora, tough and resilient, adapted to dry worlds of rock and stone, blunt and to the point.

ECLIPSION: decendants of Eclipsion, scheming and sly, dwell on worlds with little light and harsh conditions.

AYRTACLON: Decended from Ayrtaclon, dwell in many worlds, but favour mountainous or high altitudes, famed for their wings and affinity with flight ad starship tech.

TYRIDION: Tyridion’s forebarers are formidable psions and arcanists, feared by all for their ability to “know the fates” and second guess opponents.

AQUATAYNE: This house stem from the line of Aquatayne, living upon many waterworlds within undersea caverns and cities, changable and deadly. Mistrusted for thier neurotic behaviour.

SERAPENTIA: Decended from Serapenta and Serapentis, the twin wyrms, Politicians, diplomats, spies, lowlife. Seen to be highly suspect in all matters, excell in science and advanced medicene.

JURASSIKA: Having a more prehistoric look about them, this house could be further from it, they prize high tech ideas and equipment.

PANGARI: While dracconic looking, the House of Pangari amount to some of the most ancient ways and traditions, often looked upon as backwater cousins.

VERTIGAN: Favour a more classic approach to draxxion living, and more natural settings and environments. Fearless and unashamed in behaviour.

WYNTATHORN: Occupying cold and frigid worlds, hardy and resilient, warlike and highly traditional in their ways. Tend to have the most random assortment of equipment available

META’LYKORR: Vain, arrogant, highly strung and proud of their heritage. Discriminatory of the “lesser” and inferior. Bullies of the highest order.

KAOTIKA: Generally despised by the other houses for their highly varying appearances, these favour places of high radioactivity and have questionable past breeding with mutations galore. cunning and wily, they tend to side with the best options in the council.

Each royal house or bloodline is made up from many related smaller families, all of which are decended from the original
house progentitor.
These might be anything from a large multi system empire ran by an ancient emperor warlord, or just a world or moon ruled by a single young Draxxion.
It is likely that most of these worlds populations are also decended from common ancestors, given that Draxxion live for a long time, but out breeding and mutations have created many forms of these lower Draxx giving each world diversity in appearance.
The High Draxxion however tend to exhibit a more dracconic look than their lower kin.
Each house therefore have enhanced traits, adaptions and colourings that are shared by most others in their family genus, some of this can be traced direct to the common ancestors of the line, or due to certain environmetal planetary factors that they have been exposed to over thousands of years successive breeding. This avert display of the exaggerated characteristics is how the Darxxion caste system is played out within “polite” draxxion society, breeding and heritage is everything, without it a Draxx is a nobody, with it they could stand side to side with emperors and kings!
The greater good of the entire draxxion races falls on the juristicion of the Grand conclave of the Elder council, a great meeting of the strongest and most powerful high draxxion kingdoms and worlds. Only the best of the best ever get to play this truly collossal scale of these politics, in which negotiations can quickly become frought with danger of a fight between houses or simply two rival 100 foot high dragon lords disputing territory.
The more thoughtful members of this council use their influnce to go even further than their own galactic doorstep to further their gains, and as such a great deal of the intergalactic politics is concerned with that of rival alien races and empires.
The Draxx influence has thus been slowly and surely been introduced to many other places and governments, corporations and factions over the years, giving them far more reach than just their home systems, indeed many high draxxion can be found in roles throughout the galaxy, as advisors, corporation board members, ambassadors, and special envoys, in fact in any high ranking roles they can find out for themselves, especially when these jobs involve added clout in the spherse of influence they can manipulate.

Not to say that all Draxxion are sly manipulating creatures, indeed some are kindly and peaceful, just not many!
A trait that most Draxxion share is that of materialistic greed and the want to horde beautiful and precious things, since the high draxx can live for thousands of years, they feel the need to furnish themselves with these things, even if it may come at a cost to their own people, and as a result, the lower draxx lines can be left in deprived and sometimes primitive conditions.
Even so the “accepted” Philosophy is that any Draxx may aspire to greatness and achieve the ideal draxxion potential, this tends to be not the case unless you are born a high draxxion. Many of the lower draxxion tend to resign themselves to loyal service in their High Draxxion houses, and tend to be rewarded well, on the flip side, lots of low draxx find that the inherent elitism within the draxx houses leaves them with a bitter taste in their mouths, and may rebel or abscond from service.
If found, these traitors are severely dealt with, a lord who would not make an example of such insubordination would be seen as being weak and unable to control his domain, easy prey for a rival to come and take what was his. Standard High Draxxion protocol!

Each family line of the main houses, are made up from the eldest surviving decendants. Each elder has a family line within the house, and is responsible for all its kin. (For example: Firebranch Infernus are the decendents of the legendary draxxion lord Infernus, Firebranch is the grandson of Infernus, thus Firebranch Infernus is the family line in the house Infernus, and so on.)
The oldest surviving member of each line is expected to take the mantle of leader of the line, however at times this varies if other factors are involved (marriage, exile, etc) As you can imagine, there is a lot of intense backstabbing and underhanded schemes, as the draxxion rarely hold the family ties precious.
The other functions of house business are divided up amongst the other important elder draxx within the family, right down to the youngest up and coming high draxx, although sometimes influencial lower draxxion who show promise may gain positions. This may be more to do with contact between other races as a way to lessen the impact of direct face to face dealings, as the elder draxx are massive nightmarish creatures that may create fear and tension. The lower draxx tend to be less menacing, so are used frequently as envoys and messengers to limit hostilities, and in turn helps facilitate better relations!


Typically, a Draxxion force is lead by a Lord overseer, charged with keeping order. These overseer lords are Elder High draxx and will resemble what is more recognised as a typical “Dragon” in form. Rarely will they take part in main hostilities, prefering to watch the battles to study and annalyse the data in which to learn valuable knowledge on the tactics use by the foes.
Following these are a retinue of lesser ranking Elder Draxx and other High draxx, who will be responsible for different sections of the forces. These then are followed by elite high draxx troops who serve to protect the family.
These are followed by the smaller draxx who display more dracconic features and are closer related to the higher caste, but have evolved a more humanoid appearance, they will usually feature heavily in a typical draxx force, as these tend to form the backbone of the elite and specialist troops.
Lower draxx make up the numbers with hordes of them desperately trying to gain favour of the lords, they are often reffered to as Neo-Draxx and some even look not far from a human in many cases, and may pass with little effort, sometimes only given away by telltale traits like scaly skin, a forked tongue, fangs or reptillian eyes. Some Neo-draxx have developed shapeshifting illusionary holotech and skinsuits to help infiltrate populations in secret, especially to conquer worlds, or assassinate rivals of other races. The Eclipsion Royal house is fond of this tactic and are masters of stealth.
A typical Lower (Neo) Draxx can come from a myriad of different worlds, from low tech primitive worlds, or borderline highly advanced with tech to match, so they can be armed withanything from simple archaic ancient weaponry and armour, to entire divisions of the latest model alien equipment, vehicles, flyers and walkers. It really is a case of just how much wealth an overseer lord is prepared to spend on his latest “toys”. High Draxxion are very materialistic and superficial, so the latest must have fighting warbot or Grav tank is just the thing to show their superiority to a rival Draxx lord!
The Draxx will use whatever is available and best suited to the task, they spend long periods of time plotting and scheming, planning elaborate strategies for optimum effect. Many Draxx have positions of influence outside that of their own kingdoms, often titles within offworld corporations or secret alliances with other non draxxion factions. Such is the shady reputation of some, a few are rumoured to fund huge criminal organisations and operations anonymously. By way of these connections Draxx forces can sometimes include such things as hired mercenaries, subjugated human or alien populations drafted into service, even “borrowed”corporation troops and equipment. Indeed, each Draxx force is as different and unique as its lord overseer.

Well, That’s the beginning of it at least, sorting through my note books and scribbles there are loads more still to be written up and developed. A few of you might of even seen the pic of the draxxion overseer elite guard commander that I did. So for those who haven’t here it is!


Along with a few more of his kin, both big and small they will be joining the Grinning Skull range. Over time I hope this will grow in both  models and mythology.

If you’d like to help carve out the Draxxion by submitting any material or pics, please let me know, I’d love a few colaborators to work with (that way there will be a totally different angle from their side!) Please do let me know (grimacereaper73 (at) gmail.com)

Peace out….

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Oggam Faction Backgrounds: Empire of Og: Imperial Catering Corps.

2 Apr


Since its a new month, I present to you a new instalment of official oggam fluff background, this time about the division within the Og empire dedicated to keeping the troops happy, the imperial catering corps.

The Great and Glorious Empire of Og: The Imperial catering corps

 To the Oggam soldiers who reside in the Og empire, none are more celebrated than these fine fellows. Catering for the many troops in their forces is a hard and unforgiving job, remember that an army marches on its stomach, so it is essential that they are fed the right nutrients needed to keep a healthy fighting spirit.

Since the preparation of food is considered an art form by most oggam, it is no surprise that the entry to the Imperial catering college is made up from the most privilaged children and individuals who have shown aptitude in the culernary arts. Even an Oggam who makes his way through the ranks in the corps, must also be a fearless warrior, so it is not unusual for Og Empire forces to bring a portable war kitchen with them to battle. This is said to motivate the troops beyond the norm, giving rise to acts of great bravery and sacrifice from oggam who have been inspired by the smell of the Big cook’s latest creations.

The war kitchen section is led by what is termed a “big cook”, an experienced officer in his own right, along with his “little” cook assistants. They are then accompanied by ranks of other inexperienced trainee chef’s, who tirelessly work as peelers, choppers, waiters, and pot washers. In order to prove themselves worthy, they are required to defend the kitchen to the death, so in battle they take up arms and rage just like any other oggam soldier. There are large numbers of Blander oggam within the college, eager to show just how much their devotion to food is, and considering many oggam regard food as life itself, they tend to become a fearsome force in battle, showing a zeal that puts some others to shame, and is a good reason that they are highly respected and feared in equal measure.

Their symbol is that of the silver spoon, illustrating what a privilaged part they play in the empire, this item is also what the big and little cooks always carry with them, proudly denoting who they are and what honours bestowed upon the bearers of the biggest and best spoons. While the assistant “suis” chef’s have to earn this right, they still all carry one of some sort, as sometimes while on the battle field they will be called to perform the “pan rattle”, a great din caused by banging these spoons against various pots and pans, so to raise morale, scare or flush out enemies, or allow broken troops to regroup if they are too scattered.

Any Imperial general who has his own war kitchen staff is regarded with class and envy by other nobles in society, as with them he is able to lay on huge lavish feasts for visiting leaders or notables. It is noted that sometimes a catering corps division may employ the odd Scrofa Truffle miner as well from time to time, as any form of truffle to the oggam is considered precious beyond belief. In addition, a Big cook might command his own pack of hunting pigdogs and handler, so that he may gain access to wild game food while out on a campaign. These additions can lead to the Kitchen running like an entire military operation by itself, often putting many infantry divisions to shame with the high levels of skill and organisation not usually found within the imperial infantry.

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Oggam Factions: The League of Anthracks

5 Oct

This is the next part of the Oggam fighting factions for the development of the 15mm Oggam war pig miniature range. This time we examine the most feared and sinister Oggam faction. The League of Anthracks….


Anthracks was the first kin that slaughtered Monroe. His story is one of tragedy according to many Oggam scholars. It is true that he killed Monroe, how he did it is another matter. Opinions are divided in Oggam circles. The real truth is that while he was among the original three from the very first program, he was far from perfect. He was clever, a fast learner and loyal at first. having been exposed to the most virulent strains of foot and mouth, he gained the nickname Anthracks for this reason. His constitution repeatedly fought off  infection, and earned him a permanent place in the program. His DNA had some other unforeseen glitches. He had a secret condition, a habit of wild psychotic  behavior which he managed to hide in peacetime. When he witnessed Monroe give the order personally to terminate the first kin, his world came crashing down, how could his beloved keeper do this to his children? Anthracks betrayed escaped by causing damage to the facility and released many deadly strains of disease from the lab, and took many sealed canisters of pathogens with him and his rescued kin. He would later track down Monroe and murder him in revenge for his actions against the kin. The tragedy according to Oggam lore is that Anthracks loved his keeper as he would his father, Monroe did create them after all, maybe with his own DNA. Anthracks was so wracked with guilt, he went insane and fled into the wastes, never to be seen again. His return is anticipated by Oggam, but Oggam religion is full of returning heroes and gods, so any potential arrival of a fated champion in the theatre of war, is usually interpreted as Ogi or Antracks, or any other legendary persona!


Anthracks had gone and all the Oggam were free to go their separate ways, Ogi took his people, Ugg his, Scrofa and the others departed. Life was left to return to a world where the Oggam ruled. Over the years in the south, kingdoms and tribes evolved and grew, rose and fell. The largest settlement to arise was the kingdom of Kru, a dangerous place, originally a busy port that supplied transport to the various islands and moons with their labs, factories and complexes. Now it had become a notorious city, the worst and most dangerous Oggam resided there, criminals and thieves. The other noted kingdom was Holgus, it had once been prosperous and lush, but years of constant plague and wild weather had began to take its toll and it’s people were dying. Out of this devastation came a religious movement that gave these Oggam any hope. The cult of the Black pig of death. It had a doctrine, that in order to save them from death and despair, that one should become one with it and become it, then the black pig would reward you with life. Desperate to believe a way out, the cult spread through the kingdom and within ten years, they had risen enough to replace the old guard with the order. After another ten, it had become the city of the black pig. Soon after this, it’s influence had swallowed up most of the southlands right up to Kru. The guilds that ran the kingdom behind the royal family would advise the city to allow a presence of the order to work in Kru without obstruction, or may fear the same fate as Holgus, so over time the state religion had adapted to the same philosophy and worked in old Oggam lore of legends of Anthracks, having become the incarnate black pig of death, and delivered the Oggam from destruction and betrayal from the keeper. Allied the two cities started a campaign of expansion and soon more smaller kingdoms and settlements would be absorbed by the army in the name of Anthracks, the tragic folk hero. The moon of Tor was next to be cleverly converted to the insidious cult by having their lore interwound and stories of Tor the pig of fire written in as the brother of the black pig, even the land of Okva, with its primative Oggam barbarians converted by missionaries, preaching the word. Their spirits and ancestors would become part of the religion’s pantheon of brother and sister lesser deities. Whilst still independent states, they would eventually sign a pact and create the league with its council of the inner kin, a representative of each highest member states and kingdoms presiding over the law of all allied countries.


The league of nations under Anthracks stands a tough and determined faction, many under one symbol. The structure of law is roughly the same overall, but with regional variation. The cult’s holy priests and brotherhood are in charge of everything from daily life to the main army. The philosophy is so ingrained on society, young oggam must serve in the army as holy emissaries of the brotherhood. Brainwashed and initiated in varying layers of ritual and rank, they become fanatical and are quite willing to die on the words of the masters, some may rise up the ladder and occupy authority in the many levels of training, but most will throw themselves at the enemy to martyr themselves in the name of Anthracks. The inner circles of power thrive on this, and scheme and formulate new ways to assimilate the rest of Oggam to the ideal of totality, this reality will end in armageddon if they achieve the aim, the masses fight without question. Only the factions of the Empire of Og, the Iron legion and smaller countries stand in the way. This is probably because they have not experienced the harsh history they have, and the beliefs held oppose the league so much fundamentally. Itwould be fair to say that the long war over the holy place of Styx will wage for as long as each stand to give breath. There is a more sinister tone to the war. The league seeks to make sure that no one finds the truth of what happened at Styx and how the real history of the Oggam would be revealed. The cult would loose it’s control and they would be no more. That’s why the war rages still.

High priests of the order of the Black pig


The forces of the league are mainly made up from converted fanatic Oggam who have something to prove. Most are armed with what they can get their hands on, wearing dark colours and face coverings or cowls. these Oggam are un-anointed until they have proved the black pig of death has saved them from destruction. Once they have survived long enough, they are then given a uniform consisting of robes, body armour, resparator and a black hood with Anthracks’ glyph emblazoned upon it. They are then branded with his symbol and join the ranks of the holy army. Unusually all breeds of Oggam fight side by side with the order, even sometimes females, all are equal when the black pig comes calling. If an Oggam is raised beyond the general brotherhood, they may find them self being promoted to any of the more specialised circles. The hand of Anthracks are the secret police, deadly assassins and cruel torturers of those deemed an enemy of the state. The Heart of Anthracks are the faithful, missionaries, doomsayers and prophets, while the hoof are the heavy support, engineers and fabricators of the wargear used by the armies. The mechanised divisions whilst small compared to the golden empire and Uggaram, make use of nightmare weapons, like Black Stanks or “Stink tanks” designed to carpet bomb entire areas with poisoned gases and smoke. Spewers are tracked vehicles with huge silage containers attached to turreted hoses, that spray the enemy with toxic, corrosive or diseased waste. Many an Oggam parent has told stories of these terrable contraptions to their ogglets to make them behave, they bring fear untold that would make even the most grizzled cybogs nervous. The Hoof maintain other salvaged and stolen vehicles taken in battle and reused. A quick lick of black paint and the triangle mark of the faction, and they are ready to serve the order, in fact if they can repurpose anything for destruction, they will use it and it will march along side the fanatical army. Forged in factories that pollute the skies every day and night, ceaselessly churning weapons of war for the cause.

More specialist troops from other areas will fight with the main faithful, the Fire warriors of Tor, for example are a strange but deadly force, known for their bizarre worship of the core of the moon of Tor as a deity, regularly sacrificing captured enemies by burning them alive. They wear pointed asbestos hooded flame retardant battle gear to withstand the heat from the temperatures of the burner cannons they traditionally carry. They also are the only league member states that own any short range attack craft (They live on a moon, so it is essential for transport) These burn spitters as they are called, provide air support to the league’s fighting capability. The Korsairs of Kru, bring movement in the form of a large navy of steamships and boats. Little more than pirates, they are fast and know the seas well, transporting troops and supplies over the globe. Finally the Okvan beastmasters, and their trained mugal beasts sometimes are used to flush out the enemy, by poking and taunting the huge savage beasts, they can be sent to panic enemy troops as well as eat them. There are many beasts these masters employ, such as spike wyrms, and packs of huge wild boar.

With the Oggam population rising each day, it could be said the attempted strategies of the League might not really make a dent in the overall numbers. But, given chance to enact the end game, the oggam would be no more……


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30 Sep

So finally I can get the background of the Oggam factions down. I regret this hasn’t been sooner but sometimes real life gets in the way! This presented here is a shortened version of the faction backgrounds, while the last part of the updated PDF, will go into more detail about them.
Here I present to you the first in a series of Oggam faction backgrounds to complement the forthcoming “Oggam War Pig Infantry” 15mm miniatures.


When the first kin started the revolt against their masters several centuries ago, the revolution was led by the first born kin, namely Anthracks, Scrofa, Ugg, and Ogi, the strongest and most intelligent Oggam born to the program. Anthracks, the most aggressive and violent, Scrofa, cunning and untamed, Ugg, the practical and vigilant one, while Ogi had the inventive and clever. There were others in this circle, Toch, Rasu, Clem and Okk to name a few, but the first four organised the rebellion as revenge to the keeper and his people in retaliation for their attempts of betrayal in trying to erase the secret experiments, and hide it from the authorities.
After the humans were killed and the warring had ended, the first kin parted their own ways along with their followers, into a new world they would have to forge themselves.


Ogi, had great vision for an Oggam, probably the best for all those Oggam in those days, and took his people to the main administration sector complex of the planet and started from scratch, he had long studied the strange and complex machines of the keeper and thought it best to take shelter amongst the ruined buildings to make them their own. Having been taught to read, write and other skills, gave him much to pass on to his kin for the continued survival now the keeper was gone. Luck was in the favour of these first Oggam, and what resources had been left behind, Ogi and his people were able to survive the first few harsh years, due to the vast dried food stores held under the complex, and the food algae replicators used for deep space travel. After many years of successful living, Ogi was hailed as a hero and crowned emperor and king. This he held for many years, loved by the swelling population, basically educated from old earth knowledge, and taught to be productive.
He was venerated to almost godhood by his followers by the time he died. This tradition is still continued by the fore barer’s, although with scarce recorded data kept only by the elite of the faction, he is held in legend and lore and portrayed as a giant morbidly obese golden pig, serene and buddha like in statues and art. While his rule was kind and benevolent to the Oggam, the empire of today is a totally different place.


The empire that exists now is far removed from the vision of Ogi. Years of good living, overly productive breeding and expansion, has caused on more than one occasion to create war and unrest within their society. When Ogi died, they were lost, electing leader after leader to take them forward. Without direction, the Oggam began to change the system, introducing new laws, different ideas and rules each time an emperor was ordained. Sections of the community waged secret and underhand ways to gain control of the empire, leading to a tradition of assassinations and murder. As a result, the title of Emperor is a job that changes frequently as the machinations of the golden council members play out, intregue and corruption for control mean the Emperor is not a career choice that lasts long….
This does not seem to put potential candidates off wanting to become supreme leader and the bad karma that goes with the job is almost treated like a usual occupational hazard!


Oggam belonging to this faction are distinguished from other sides by many cultural differences than the others. Firstly they are made up from a majority of snorts and blanders, the snorts are the politicians, community and battle leaders, due to their size and heft and supported by a large proportion of Blanders, filling the roles of technicians, learned types and intellectuals, few Blanders get the chance to fulfill the ambition of supreme leadership, but many emperors previous have been of the breed, with skill, cunning and resourcefulness key traits admired by the empire and its citizens.
Since the start of the great wars of Ungalatees and Styx  against the League of Anthracks, the Empire has become concerned with the greater good of all Oggam, awaiting the second coming of Og(i) to lead them to the coming together of the peoples of Oggam. The great wars gave the empire a reason to stop the fighting between themselves and go forth in force to combat “The Enemy” (Basically anyone who would differ in opinion from the Og philosophy) With many past generals, experts in the art of war and battle, it has left a great tradition of military organisation and the faction is probably the most ordered force on the planet. Pecking order is important, so a good soldier learns to know how to be a master by first learning to be a slave. The Royal guard are the vanguard of the faction, well armed and armoured, drilled in weapons and combat, one day they may rise the ranks and may well become Emperor if they behave in a way that inspires the populous. Many will die on the battlefield, forgotten and lost in the endless fighting over disputed territiory. The Royal guard wear the standard green body armour and helm with a characteristic slit visor. They are respected and feared by the past achievements in war. The other main bulk of troops is made up from irregular part time troops, these Oggam live usually productive lives farming and breeding, called up to service when needed. They accompany the guard into battle, armed with basic rifles and hand weapons and little armour.
Other warrior sects exist in the empire, among them, the Imperial Golden guard take priority only second to the golden council. With polished golden armour and ornamental crested helms, they serve unquestioning to their masters, trained in many skills of war and savage warriors to boot. The guild of eternal happiness boast more deadly trained killers than the Golden guard, only they work in secret, sent to do the dirty jobs no other Oggam would dirty themselves with. The Mechanog, with their invaluable knowledge of machinery, both of Oggam manufacture and salvaged vehicles accompany every Imperial force, giving heavy artillery support and logistics for battle. Known best for thier “Longsnouts” (Oggam double barreled tanks and guns) and sometimes insane Cybog battle scarred commanders with an insatiable appitite for combat, food and seeking thrills!
While some might see the Empire as one of the most noble and organised forces of Oggam, do not be fooled. They are as savage and dangerous as the rest, especially when it comes to any foreign visitors to the world. Many stranded or lost off worlder’s who get captured venturing into the boundries of Oggam space and territory, tend to either wind up in prison work camps to toil away the rest of their lives, or simply just killed for sport or fun. Sometimes an imperial general will employ Baahl mercenary units, famed for their sharpshooting skills, or even the odd human or alien in his retinue. All non Oggam are regarded with suspicion and tend to end employment by the faction’s treacherous ways and traditions, but unlike other factions, will tolerate other races for a time without trying to eat or sacrifice them!



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Oggam Factions background info.

23 Sep


Having left the Oggam PDF in parts, I still have more work to do to finish. But this struck me, I’m alright saying details about future troop types in the oggam range, but nobody really knows the factions at all.

So yes, over the next few days I’m going to put some basic fluff info up here about the four main fighting factions, as well as some pics to illustrate, these will be featured in the next part of the Oggam book. For those of you who haven’t read it so far, go and get a copy in the downloads section of this site, don’t worry, its free!

Also this week I shall be showing you the designs of the next proposed Oggam infantry, another three generic Oggam troopers will join the first to form the first range. As you will see, these will be non faction based Oggam figures so they could fit into any force of the factions, or form alien/mutant/pirate/mercenary forces in your own games. Once these are done, the next in line will be a couple of sculpts specific to the factions, plus a faction command figure.

Planned is hopefully Scrofa tribe Hoggits on bikes, League of Anthracks death cult, and others.

If you would like to contribute to developing the Oggam in any way, please contact me and we’ll chat about any ideas, suggestions or whatever you think would expand the whole premise. grimacereaper73(at)gmail.com


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