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Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses…

7 Jul


I have some weird ideas for wargames, and while most can be somewhat surreal at times, there are some that really stick in my head. A lot of these would be ideal games for conventions as they aren’t really ideas you’d use in a campaign over the course of a few sessions. These would prove to be a great laugh and fun games, and just maybe it might inspire someone to have a go…

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out. Indiegogo Campaign

14 May

Dedicated 15mm wargamers will already know about Two Hour Wargames, current crowdfunding project, but for those who don’t, i’ll enlighten you….

This is of particular interest to zombie wargamers, whichever scale (28mm or 15mm) The ATZ indiegogo campaign. Best of all, is the release of the 15mm survivors and their zombifyed versions.

Also featured in this campaign is a deck of city cards allowing for quicker set up of the game and eliminates the need for game terrain (Gadzooks!! No terrain!! Heresey!!)

As I’m not a player of ATZ, I can comment on how useful the city cards are, but if your an ATZ player I’m sure that you’ll already know about it. If you haven’t taken a look before now, check it out.

Especially like me, if you are a 15mm zombie wargamer, go and get some of these luvverly survivor (and zombie) minis!

All Things Zombie – Final Fade Out Minis & More | Indiegogo.

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