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40K Death Guard Army: Brother Fingaz enters the fray.

14 Sep

Back with more from my horde of Nurgle’s finest. This time I’m going to show you one of my personalities in the army, someone who I’m calling “Brother Fingaz”.

Brother Fingaz is a big and tall fellow (80mm from bottom of the base) and some of you miniature connoisseurs will recognise the model from CMON’s boardgame “7 Sins” Apocalypse expansion, which I acquired at a bargain price for my chaos boys. Here’s a comparison pic to show size.

I named this guy Brother Fingaz as I thought he had a striking resemblance to a popular YouTube cartoon character you may or may not know about, Salad Fingers (a creation of famous fellow Doncaster creator, David Firth.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeE-J-GjAyQ to take a look at an episode.

Ok, he’s not exactly like good old Salad fingers, but I did think the aesthetic was a good match. I was planning on adding a little Hubert Cumberdale flesh boy familiar on the base, but decided against it.

Originally I was thinking as using him as a proxy for a Daemon Prince, but may end up making him my plague surgeon, as I think he might fit better, although he’s a little big for one (not that I care, the aesthetic is what matters to me more) but he could fit the bill as my Lord, or plague caster too, if I want to. I do have a plague caster in the wings (2 if I think about it), and a Lord, and a Prince. Whatever I use him as, He’s going to be a bad ass to help bring the blessings of Papa Nurgle!

Like I’ve said before, I have a LOT of other stuff to add to the horde, which I’m thinking of calling “The Sentinels of his Garden” or something smilar, since my thinking is that once these lot hit planetfall, they begin seeding it with their corruption, introducing diseased spores, plants and all sorts to recreate Nurgle’s garden. This gives me an option to add a bit of scratch built scenery additions like these:

These little Gnarlmaws I will show you in the next post. See you then!

40K Death Guard: You can never have enough Chaos Spawn…

13 Sep

So, if you recall, I had a big stack of Chaos Spawn proxies already done with a load of chaos snails and some horrors from the 7 sins game, but since I have a love for weird and creepy shit, every time I saw something that would make great spawn proxies, I just had to get them to add to my army. So, some of you will recognise these figures, and these are as nature intended (no changes, just paint jobs to match the others) apart from the giant maggot that’s rearing up, he wasn’t 100% complete when I got him in some parts from Ebay, so he needed a new head sculpting.

This one is the reaper bones “faceless horror” that many of you will have in your collections. I thought it was a perfectly disgusting addition to the spawn, and my thinking was what would happen to my poxwalkers when mutation had totally taken over, just like this shoggoth thing that is in my flesh-bag poxwalker unit.

Next I have another Reaper Bones classic, the purple worm, painted up to look like it’s part of the creepy crawly spawn. I’d have loads of these if I could, proxy them for beasts of nurgle, but it’ll do as spawn. There is a subtle beauty in it’s disgustingness I think, the sculpting that is, a very well done figure.

These two giant maggots are from Zinge Industries, and I got them in a bag of bits on Ebay. I did have to create a new head for the one rearing up, but you’d be hard pressed to tell as it looks perfect. These fit right in with the snails, horrors, worms and other nurgle themed monstrosities in the group. Zinge Industries have a few nice Nurgly themed things I’d like to get my hands on, but I have loads of stuff left to paint and add to the army, maybe too much! I’d like to make a different army at some point (Thousand Sons being a prime example) so I have to draw the line somewhere.

All in all, I have just two chaos snails left to do and I’m done for my Nurgle spawn. That is, unless I don’t come across any other suitable models that catch my eye.

I’ll take a big group shot of them all at some point (and the entire army so far, which is growing well over 2000 points I’d imagine!) but next time I will show you the first of my personalities in the army.

40K Deathguard Army: Proxy Poxwalkers (Probably) : CP Models Plant Creatures.

17 Jun

So, more Nurgley Chaos goodness with this possible proxy unit of poxwalkers that I painted. Now, this lot were originally from CP Models (apart from the front model, which I’ll address in a bit) and are from their sci-fi range and are intended to be B-Movie type plant creatures.

(These models can be found here if your interested: CP Models Plant Creatures)

So, seeing though I had a unit of 10 of them laying around, I thought it might be a good idea to press them into service as a sort of fleshy, diseased and pox ridden shamblers, kind of overtaken by a chaos zombie mushroom/plant based contagion. However, I’m not too sure if they’ll make the final cut and instead be replaced by zombies and GW poxwalkers.

These models are pretty low on detail, so I had a hard time trying to get what I wanted out of them. That’s why I say probably they’ll end up as proxies. They do look OK when massed up together, I had thought they would be like the infected are slowly being turned inside out and becoming a steaming pile of gore, pus, flesh and tentacles eventually as the infection takes over. Which is why I added this next model to the unit.

This is a shoggoth from Black cat bases range. I’ve had this for years, lurking in the back of my stuff, just never really had a need for it until now. I’d like to think it’s what the rest would end up becoming, sort of like a chaos spawn flesh mound.

I’m in two minds about it. On the one hand, the are quite disgusting, but on the other, I’m not 100% happy with them. I know they are not fabulous paint jobs, but they were speed painted, so didn’t get a load of time spent on them.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and if it’s a good idea to use them, or maybe I should give them a few more washes in some extra gore…

More 15mm Oggam, medic,trooper, Heavy weapons & Ogborg

27 Oct

Hello everyone, I thought I’d let you see how the sculpting is coming on with the Oggam range. There’s 11 light infantry done now, maybe a few more generic troopers before the first line is done. I was originally only going to do 8, but what the hell, at least there will be a big choice for any would be Oggam wargamer!

First up is the Light infantry Heavy weapons#1, this little pig has a bazooka type grenade launcher! I’ll get maybe 2 more Light infantry heavy weapons ogs done so there will be a bit of variation.

Second up is the Oggam Field medic, I like this one, complete with all his gear, a big knife, med kit and stethoscope and he’s ready for action, I’m not sure how effective the Oggam would be with medicene, but i’m sure they will have a go anyway!

Next up, another rank and file trooper, armed with a shotty type weapon, he joins the range as a standard grunt.

And now finally onto my work in progress, The Ogborg or Cybog. Out off all so far, it’s the one i’m not as happy with. He’s a bit larger than normal oggam (not surprisingly, as these are supposed  to be bruisers!) It was another off the cuff sculpts and it may or may not make the final cut in the range. Who knows, it might grow on me, but I think I want a more dynamic pose for these fellers! He’s armed with a power claw, and a big cannon weapon built in to his mechanical system, plus heavy armour and oversized cyber arms!

As you can see the range is indeed growing, so here’s a shot of 10 of the light infantry (the Heavy weapons dude is missing as he’s still drying)

Let me know what you think to the new stuff!

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Oggam 15mm new sculpts, Comms and trooper

16 Oct

Here’s the latest two greens I have done, a communications officer, and a trooper. The ranks of the oggam are growing, I now have a total of six, so I only need to do another four for my intended first range of fodder infantry. The next two I will attempt to do a heavy weapon and a medic, then the final two will be a sniper and either standard barer or a spotter.

Oggam infantry comms officer

Oggam trooper with Sword and handgun

They are coming along nicely and look really good in a unit, I can imagine loads of them populating the battle field! I’ll do a size comparison pic with all of them as soon as I get more spare time, but they are “big fellers”and should make the enemy quiver in fear just at the girth of these beasts.

All the Oggam greens so far that I have made!

I’m pleased with my progress so far, I’m also pretty surprised that I have managed to sculpt them! After the first 10 are done (That will be the first range) i’ll start on the specials, probably a set of blander gun/ground crew and Techies/mechanics. They will be about half the size and more cutesy, then a set of League of anthracks troopers (A cult of the black pig high priest, two standard priest brothers, a heavy, a Fire warrior, and five LoA troopers equipped with gasmasks, robes/overalls and guns/melee weapons)

Anyway, I hope you like!


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