Scratch Building Proxy Rhino APCs (Part 2: The Death Guard Version Reveal)

14 May

prox rino title2


I’ll detail this build first, seeing as though I have the model on hand here, which I can’t say about the Khorne one (It’s not here!) I think it’s ok, not what I had in mind (see the sketches in the previous post) as I did want to go for the twisted mutant baby head/monstrosity, only that I wanted to get them done quicker than usual, and spending time doing some sculpting to get exactly that, I opted the simpler route. Going for the more utilitarian and toned back mutations worked, I think, the inspiration was drawn
from a more insectoid feel.


Chunky armour plates with barbed spikes poking out, the front ram spikes mimic mandibles and the grilled front (as well as a few hints here and there were meant as if the mutations were being restrained within, striving to come out.)


Like I’ve said before, I am ok at painting, but no expert and didn’t want to sink days extra into finishing either one, so I went for a looser finish, but looking back, I would do it different if I did it again. I mean, I keep going back in, adding a change here and there, still need a banner and odds and ends, but it’s pretty much done for now.


Also, since this was a “new” design, it was never going to be as detailed as the Ceros (which took me ages, as I really got into it, and didn’t want to this time) The thing is, I might have a go at knocking about 10 or so together, do them up, paint them, then stick them on Ebay for £20-30 each, just to see how they do, I can’t justify days of work on one if they only sell for that price, so it was sort of experimental as well, raiding my various bits, using what I had.


I think the only thing I bought was some big wall plugs (the front spikes) which were £1.50(about £2) but I still have a load of them left, and the side vent things either side of the door (also big wall plugs at about the same price) The pack did both this and the Khorne one, and I think I have enough to use on another if needed, so not bad, saved me having to make them from nothing!


Overall, I think the finished Rhino is serviceable enough, even so it’s not what I wanted from the build. It will be fine to fill the ranks, but the baby headed plague monstrosity design I have in my head needs to be made, then I can move on to something different. The only thing that is a problem, is I want a Rhino for my cultists, crewed by cultists (I have a few models I want to add to one, plus matching livery to match them) Plus, I NEED to make a plaguetower of Nurgle! I just want one. I feel a need to make some versions of the old EPIC scale stuff. I have no idea how I’d run it, just that I want one!


I’m calling it 95% there, I’ll still go back and add and change bits still, clean the paintwork up here and there, but it’s pretty much there. I still need a back banner adding, but with this being just a plain troop transporter, it’ll do!

Stay tuned for the next reveal!

6 Responses to “Scratch Building Proxy Rhino APCs (Part 2: The Death Guard Version Reveal)”

  1. Ann May 14, 2020 at 6:21 pm #

    This came out excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • grimace73 May 14, 2020 at 6:47 pm #

      Thanks! I like the finished thing, but I have a need to do just a little more to it before I’m satisfied. It’s kind of satisfying knowing you can make these for no more than a few £/$ each, so ideas of armies based around mostly vehicles become a real possibility, for very little cost. Also I know that each one following will iron out any flaws in the design, and I get to try out as many variations as I’d like. Just another 3 to make (cultist transport, plague tower and a purge support) then I’ll be on to Thousand sons!! Might have to make a more accurate looking Land Raider, oh and a plagueburst crawler, and some drones…..

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      • Ann May 14, 2020 at 8:06 pm #

        Neat. Good luck with your mechanized project. My first exposure to people scratch-building these sorts of things was around 2012 or so when I met an Ork player, who what he lacked in cash he made up for with ingenuity, and he made some pretty nice battlewagons and such. Frankly, I thought at the time that they were far more orky-looking than the GW Ork models I was fielding against him at the time.



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