Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dem bones, Dem bones: Bone Pile Respawner Markers

3 Dec



In this edition of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, we are going to deal with the creation of bone piles for our mini dungeon. These can be used as debris or even better (as I plan on doing) as undead respawn markers. Every respectable dungeon should have a few of these to warn those pesky adventurer types, just how they might end up by delving too deep within it’s tunnels…

This is a dead easy and quick make, and will get you some nice looking pieces for really minimal effort. 

So, some might say this edition is dumbing down after the tavern bar tutorial, and the recent Provisons markers edition, but I hope to cover a broad range of dungeon bits right across the board, and some of them are easy, some not so. This is skill level 1, but I did want to cover these scenics as for me at least, as they will serve as respawning markers for my undead and add some cool eyecandy for my rooms!

Ok, so you’ll need to raid your bits box for this as well as a few other parts you can procure. First of these will be some of these skeleton garlands, well one or two of the skellies that is, from the pack. These were available during Halloween recently (£poundstore here in the UK) If your a crafter/terrain maker/etc, you’ll either already have some, or you’ll know where to get some (Ebay probably, example here:


Also, great for this, are skull beads. I recommend these howlite ones:


And, the plastic ones:

Right so now we’ve established that you’ll need loads of random boney bits, grab a load of the interesting ones, chop up a skelly from the garland and sort through your old mini bits for suitable detrious. As you can see, we have some bits from an old GW skeleton chariot, chopped up garland skellies, the odd few GW skelly arms, a GW zombie banner top, a few beads, and some parts from some Twilight creations “Bag ‘o’ Skeletons (review here) You’ll need a base for each marker too, I’ve used thick strong cardstock from discarded kids card books, but it’s up to you (plastic, card, MDF, whatever you like, just make it sturdy)


Now, with some superglue (or gluegun or contact adhesive if you’d prefer) start to arrange and glue your bits creatively onto the base to form a nice looking pile. Start with the bigger bits first. Don’t feel that you need to leave the pieces as is chop them further if the aesthetics need it. Get creative with it.


Make sure when adding skulls or any type (spare skull heads, beads etc) are placed in a way that face out and not wasted under a mess of parts, also arrange beads in a way that masks the ever present holes on the top and bottom of the beads. You can fill them before if you like, but hiding the holes under other parts during construction is quicker. It won’t take too long to build up the marker to a point your happy with. When you do, leave your glue to dry. (Especially if you use runny superglue!)


Undercoat them black and base coat in a dark brown/burnt umber.


Start to build up in layers lighter browns by drybrushing and highlighting until you get to a light tan or off white/beige.


Add white highlights to the prominent shown edges of the bones.


Wash with a brown ink to pick out any detail you might have lost during the paint layers.


Once the ink has dried, highlight with white to finish the bone effect. Finish up by painting your base to fit your other dungeon decor, seal it in and your done!


Now your the proud owner of some nice looking bone piles for your game! You can assemble as big or small markers as you see fit. No more are expensive metal or resin scenic components needed, these are a perfect cheap alternative. I like the way the scale is mixed up, the larger garland skeleton parts make good big monster fragments, the slightly bigger skull beads are a good match for long dead skeletal remains of nasty large humanoid beasts from ages gone.


Well, that’s it for this mid-week edition of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, I’ll be back next time with a new structural element for your modular dungeon, the level riser…

One Response to “Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dem bones, Dem bones: Bone Pile Respawner Markers”

  1. daggerandbrush December 9, 2015 at 12:18 am #

    Once again a very useful, imaginative tutorial. Really looks great. I think you could also add some bits and bobs using the WGF Skeleton box.


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