Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: The beginning…

20 Jul


So, I thought I would start a little set of articles detailing my attempt to create a modular 28mm fantasy dungeon on a budget. This has been in the works since having the idea many moons ago, I just hadn’t decided a way to execute the project in the way I needed it. Sure I could have made floorplans or a 2.5D type such as DM Scotty and the like, but since my dungeon would be used for dungeon skirmish gaming rather than traditional D&D sort of RPG play, I didn’t think I needed such an array of parts that would be needed to cover every eventuality (There’s still quite a lot of bits to make it feel right, just not as many as RPG play)


The reason for it all is that I have an eventual plan to introduce my smaller kids to the hobby. My six year old daughter is especially looking forward to playing and she has already attended Sheffield Triples, plus she’s quite enthusiastic about painting minis too (and also a huge fan of Minecraft)

Sure, I could do this on a minimal budget using corrugated card and such, but I prefer harder wearing materials, and something that I can integrate commercially available resin dungeon pieces as and when I get them, hopefully seamlessly in most cases. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for a few years now, making bits, collecting bits and creating a set, and now am almost there. I just wanted to share some of what I’ve learned or discovered by experimentation and innovation.


Even so most of my mini gaming stuff is indeed 15mm, using that scale would have taken me longer to amass the bits I needed, let alone the miniatures I’d need, probably aren’t available in the sheer scope of what is out there in 28mm. So, the plan was always doing it in 28mm, it’s just easier. I mean, I do have some 15mm fantasy and suitable historical stuff, but I keep my 15mm gaming scifi, plus I find creating scenics for 28mm a hell of a lot easier than in 15mm.


I suppose the intention of these articles is to help out others who might be trying the same, or thinking of doing it. Over time I’ve watched hundreds of youtube tutorials and read tons of websites, gleening out ideas and techniques I like and that would suit my style of building. Big shout out to pioneers like DM Scotty, DMG and others, I admire their budget mindedness and ideas, they indeed have been instrumental in putting somethings into practice.

I intend to post these articles with some form of tutorials in mind, just so I feel I’m giving something back to the community and hopefully inspiring a few to do their own take on a modular dungeon, hell some might be in the form of videos if I can get my shit together, my equipment here for filming is pretty basic, so if and when the situation changes, no doubt I’ll have a crack at doing it.


Regular readers here may remember my 28mm dungeon room build from years ago, which was how it started, now sort of finished (playable, yes, finished, erm no, I still want to finish the back end, time permitting) It’ll be a boss room given the size.


As you can see, the main wall construction is almost there, a few more to make, and I’ll be dealing with their construction technique in a separate article later (as with all the other aspects if you want to try it) All in all, these methods are very easy and quick, so I could fit it in with spare time. Of course I could have spent a ton more time to get a really finished build, but these were mainly for speed and play (and budget constraints) so I didn’t want to take ages carving, casting or similar.


As you can see, my rooms are a little sparse as I haven’t got around to both adding dressing and populating it toomuch yet, but I’ll address everything else in articles each devoted to them individually. my hope is that some of you find these articles useful. I’ve got in mind some good makes and themes, some really weird ideas that I haven’t seen on the web, so I’ll be adding some crafting lore to the already diverse material online (hopefully)



Most of the decor thus far have been added by making them part of the wall structure, that way I can create sets of walls in a theme, like the book shelves above, and you just might be able to make out on the right the picture gallery walls too. Other examples of this are the skull walls (below) and the spider hole wall. They can all be used in any way one wishes, creating an infinite number of variations.


Yep, its pretty empty, so I’ll be detailing these accessories such as separate shelves, tables, chairs,beds, desks, candles, torches, crates etc etc etc (you name it, if its in a normal dungeon environment, I’ll be making it at some point) plus I’ll be providing links to construction methods and tutorials that are relevant to each subject, for that additional spin from around the terrain and crafting community.





I must admit, I’m a little short of dungeon monsters, and adventurers if I’m honest. That is, painted ones. I have quite a few that need painting, so I’ll make them the subject of other articles. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the flying demons are rebased and repainted Marvel Thor Heroclix figures, that I picked up off ebay for less than £1 each. I do own a shed load of orcs, goblins, trolls and skellies already, so I wont be focusing on them as such, but I have a theme going on with any new stuff I’m getting (e.g. things I need to get finished) You will also notice Boris the minotaur for scale (he’s a regular here!)


Well, that’s it for now. Let me know what you think, shoot ideas or comments at me, tell me what you’d like to see added or worked on. Use the comments section below, or contact me via the webform.

I’ll be back later with another article on the system I’ll be using and a closer look at the boss room with a bit more of a close up and details of how I made it.

Till the next time…


7 Responses to “Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: The beginning…”

  1. daggerandbrush July 29, 2015 at 8:58 pm #

    Some wonderful ideas on display here! I love the idea of spiders bursting out of the wall or the stain glass windows. Are the bookshelves you show all commercial pieces or did you also craft some of them yourself? What would be quite cool is a bit of moss here and there to add another shade to the walls. I alos like that you achieved a very seamless look, everything fits together nicely and there are no big gaps. How are the walls fixed in place without tumbling over?


    • grimace73 July 29, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

      Hi there, and thanks for your comment.
      All the bookshelves are scratch built, as I only own one cast bookshelf (and I’ve only half painted it, but its really nice!!) In fact I’d say 90% is made by me. Yes I agree a bit of moss wouldn’t go amiss, but I think I’ll save that for some other wall sections I have planned.
      The secret with the walls is they are wooden! so have some weight and durability to them (tutorial to follow) this allows you to get nice tight angles and a good fit. Also they dont fall about.
      I’ll be detailing all the methods I’ve used in the next lot of articles, although next up is some stuff about the system I’ll be using, it’s old school and very well known…:)


      • daggerandbrush July 30, 2015 at 1:16 am #

        Looking forward to it. I sought of using SoBaH for my dungeon, but I am interested in what else is out there.


  2. Nils hedglin July 30, 2015 at 3:51 am #

    Are the floors just linoleum painted grey? Finding the regular square pattern is a brilliant idea! It cuts way down on how many stones you have to do.


    • grimace73 July 30, 2015 at 12:04 pm #

      Thanks for your comment!
      My next article deals with the base board, which is made with textured wallpaper! Its just a commercially available bathroom mosaic foam backed stuff. It’s brilliant stuff, I use it for all types of terrain building. No mess or fuss, quick and easy!!



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