Belated seasonal greetings everyone! An alternative Xmas message!

28 Dec

Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho!! 

Hello there! It seems ages since I posted here on the blog, so with the new year promising a new positive start and the fact I am starting to get settled back into posting and some constructive stuff, I wanted to wish you lot some seasonal jubilations, and the hope that you dear readers have had a better time than I over this festive season.

Those who know me personally, will know that I’m pretty much anti-xmas. It’s something that pisses me off generally year on year, and am generally under duress to take part (for the kids) with the endless tacky bullshit that it brings. As a pagan, I try and keep all festive nonsense to a non christian minimum. No baby jesus or nativity (as is generally percieved, the Xstian story didn’t even take place at this time of year) but, even so I think I’d get into a lot more into it, if I could have a real Yule celebration, rather than it’s bastardisation we experience now.

So, yeah, I get a lot of the old scrooge analogy, and called Victor Meldrew a lot. Personally, I feel that I go further than some in effort to achieve a decent Chrimbo for the young uns’, I look forward to everything getting back to normal so I don’t have to think about it for another year! I find that the negative feeling I get from those around me, comes from those who actually enjoy the whole thing, and that it is they who are offended by my personal thoughts on the season. Don’t get me wrong, when I was a kid, it was pretty good, but as I get older, and more cynical about life, I feel even more pressured and herded into having to go along with it. As soon as my kids are grown and fled the nest, I’ll be able to enjoy the time of year, doing what I want to do, maybe going somewhere nice and hot, or unusual.

Still for those who do buzz off the Xmas vibe, I hope that the Winter king/Santa/whatever, has brung you some cheer and a brief respite in an uncertain world full of conflict, austerity and hopelessness.

It would be easy to blame my malaise on the last shitty year for me, but regardless of what I’ve had happen, it has always been the same for me for many, many years.

I’ll admit that at times, my posting here has not stuck to my primary reason for creating this blog, that of wargames, geekery and so on, but even so the pidgeon hole category deems that I cater for that, this is my blog, and I really shouldn’t apologise for posts such as these which don’t include anything to do with it’s primary aim. I’ve had many tell me that i should stick to the subjects in order to direct traffic to specific related wargames etc. content, but I’m not really here to win favour with just one crowd, as I count many readers here that don’t just read this blog for that stuff. So, with that said, I will always cover mad stuff that I feel like and maybe the odd cathartic summary on life.

I will add on a side note, that occult practitioners and scholars involved in the field of Chaos magick (not GW and fantastical RPG and movie crap now, the real shit that gets practised in the real world, so don’t come back to me telling me I blurr the lines and can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. Seriously, the amount of people that try and insinuate that over the years really can grate my gears, usually the god botherers, who quite literally live in a fantasy world themselves. Please remember people, the occult is a science, and at times blends hand in hand with real science. It has deep and meaningful correspondence that far reaches what more traditional mainstream religions restrict you from (ie: Christians/Islam/Judaism/and so on) so if you take offense to my personal spiritual rants, please understand that I’m not knocking your faith, just don’t knock mine either!) Anyway, it’s said that practitioners of Chaos always try and start to write a little to sum up what they are trying to get across with essays, books and such like, sort of like a foreword or epilogue that informs those reading, why they come to various conclusions they believe.

The only thing is, the spirituality they hold is so personal and gained from sometimes years of learning and self understanding, they end up writing things that turn out to say stuff like ” Well, this is how it is for me, so if you don’t like what I think, then go and fuck yourself!” and such like!

Not that I for one would tell any of you, to go and do that, but the sentiment is the same. This is what I do, believe, and my opinion is mine. I’m merely putting my random guff out there. Whilst I try and remain on the middle path, it will be inevitable that my opines will be at odds with someone. so sod it!!

Going forward, 2015-wise for me and the blog, now that 2014 and it’s stress and heartache is behind me, I hope that it’s going to bring a new perspective and positive kick up the ass. Neither have I forgot what my plans were for the blog and it’s content, you have to understand that when your life is falling apart around you, blogging, wargames and so on, just don’t seem to matter. Still, while things were going tits up, my head was still full of ideas for the time when life didn’t have its foot on my head. Cynical? Yes, very much so, but positive in moving forward towards a brighter future!

In store for the site, I want to surge ahead with some regular articles like my chinwags (Although, some might say the last outing wasn’t too well received “cough, cough, Frothers” if you know what I mean!!) I still have my hit list of victims to interview (you know who you are!!) and other article ideas banging around in my head to get done. Plus, I still have tons of unpublished bits from before that I’ll get around to putting up. So, even so the Grinning Skull has been silently grinning away, it certainly won’t vanish like lots of other blogs that start with good intention. Like it or not, it’s here for the long haul.

On a side note, those of you who are waiting to hear from me, I’ll be getting my shit together over this next week now I’m settled!

It’s feels good to be back!

One Response to “Belated seasonal greetings everyone! An alternative Xmas message!”

  1. Gavin Syme GBS January 3, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

    Good to see you back and cheerful once more Grinning Skull. Drop me an email on the miniatures front and we can get back on track there too. Thanks. GBS


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