Miniature Obscura: Unusual miniature ranges you might not be aware of….

27 Jun

My fave things about miniatures, is the fact there are loads of really weird and wonderful stuff to be found, yeah I like the usual stuff too, but I much prefer the more out there and wacky. In fact, the weirder the better!

I thought that I’d highlight a few of the more unusual from what’s available that some of you might not have seen….



MJ Miniatures Classic Worms

OK, if you had a PS1 in the 90’s, you’ll remember a very cool game by the name of “Worms”, in which you took control of a group of worms against your friends in a turn based strategy puzzler that was really addictive and fun. Well, for those of you who always wanted to replay such games, but in miniature form, now you can! MJ figures have quite an extensive range of dead ringers in 20mm and even have a free downloadable wargame version on their site too (which would make a good basis for a Hogs of War type game using my Ogs) I especially like the roman worms, I can imagine making units of them for worm themed historic battles….You can get them from MJ Figures here.



Another strongly stylised 20mm range is the Caveman Vs Wild range from Flytrap Factory. They have a good vibe and would no doubt fit rather well with the Doggerland prehistoric beasties KS. They also remind me of the old Metal Magic Asterix range from way back. Purists will bark and meh, but I think stuff like these cartoony ranges is pretty nice, and fun (which is something that a lot of wargamers seem to have completely forgotten about these days) The range (as well as Flytrap factories other cool ranges) can be found here


Horrid Hunter

The Horrid Hunter bio-titan/Mech

Now, everytime I hear the name, I automatically think of “Horrid Henry” the kids book/cartoon franchise, although this mini line is far removed from that. The Horrid are a 15mm scifi line from Ravenstar studios and are a great bug/nid/nasty alien critter stand in to fulfill your needs. The great thing about them is the full line up, is that there’s a ton of troop types and bio vehicles that should fill the gaps in a variety of other similar themed armies. Personally I like the big bio vehicles they have, that seem to be missing for bug type armies at this scale. Ravenstar Studios can be found here if you want to check them out!


A Dodo from Black Cat’s animal range.

There are a lot of manufacturers that make a fair amount of different animal miniatures for use in their games, but Black Cat have a great selection, with many creatures that aren’t found ordinarily in other ranges. orangutan families, a full quota of different penguins, dodos, hedgehogs and squirrels, to name but a few, plus they are pretty decently priced too. The range is perfect for adding extra detail to your games or even familiars for your mages, there’s seriously loads of potential here if you have a good browse. Not to mention Black Cat’s other weird and wonderful ranges, with shed loads of gaming gold, it’s well worth taking a butchers at what they’ve got. Take a look here for the range from Black Cat. 


One of the Ducks from Rapiers range

One of the Ducks from Rapiers range

Beastmen here being a blanket term for a few ranges, that being Scorpion men, Highland cattle minotaurs, anthropomorhic ducks. I must say that I have a fondness for Duck miniatures especially, so it’s always great to find places to get hold of them. I’ve even stuck the scorpion men on my to do list for some point, with the creation of some kind of chaos type army (probably) the minotaur range would be a great addition to an existing beastman army, or added to some historical scots to make a unique force and add a bit of fun too. Also, Rapier have a set of familair red indian style rats, that even so intended for 28mm, might make great 15mm ratmen/skaven types. Rapier’s stuff is slightly off the wall and has an eccentric feel in general, which I like (Even some of my orc army is mounted on some of rapier’s riding pigs from their baconeers, which I thought were good proxies!) Rapier might not be one of the big players in the miniature biz, but they have some good stuff, that I think is often overlooked. Check out their website here and see for yourself.

I hope that I might have highlighted a few more obscure ranges out there, no doubt that seasoned miniature veterans and collectors will already know about these, but hopefully for those who don’t, I might have opened your eyes to a few bits you may have not seen before. If you have any suggestions for me to highlight in future articles, please let me know by contacting me at the usual place (contact page that is) and I’ll cobble together another round up at some point!


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  1. 172fixer July 5, 2014 at 4:14 am #

    I’d looked into the Flytrap Factory stuff to do some TUSK gaming…the Mammoths sculpts are great.



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