Slenderman, slenderman, where for art thou, slenderman…

10 Jun


The first time I ever heard about the Slenderman, was when one of my kids mentioned it to me, and asked if I ever heard of the legend (as if it was real) To which I told him that it was probably made up, as I’d not heard about it at any time. He and my daughter point out refused to believe me and even now, they still hold a mixed view on just where they stand in regard to the whole thing.

The slenderman is a recent phenomena and with the latest development in the mythos, now with the attempted murder of a girl in the US by her peers, it really makes me wonder “why?”

We know now that the Slenderman was invented in 2009 on the site “something awful” as a kind of experiment in collabrative urban myth creation, but since then it all seems to have spiralled out of control. With the recent attempted murder of a girl by two 12 year olds, in which the slenderman myth seems to have triggered the event. Since it’s invention, lots of internet folks have added their own twist to the legend with stories, pictures, videos and more, and to me a lot of blurring of the lines has occurred.

The horror fiction website “Creepy Pasta” has been sited as one of the reasons behind the event and that it was a main inspiration, to which it had to release a statement to distance itself from the public and press indignation it all has caused.

Creepy pasta statement

Now, I’m not for one going to start fingerpointing at them, naming them to be the big bad, and calling for the site to be banned for creating this  whole shitstorm.

What I will say is this (Putting my responsible parent hat on…) From the start, Creepy pasta have not made any attempt to restrict their content effectively from impressionable children. I know this as my own kids were reading slenderman fiction and were the ones that told me about it in the first place. Secondly, Kids don’t tend to read between the lines as we adults do and considering that it seems many under 18’s have been reading the stories there, they could have been more done from them to reiterate that the content there is made up fictional fan type shit, I know they were trying to scare people, just don’t try and make out that there is real rhyme and reason behind it. Its all well and good putting a disclaimer statement out after the fact, you should have done it in the first place, maybe then the stabbing might have been avoided.

Personally I can’t believe that anyone (even the kids invoved) fell for it, it’s not even very convincing a monster. what I do reckon is that this now will strengthen the urban myth in the collective conciousness and actually give the legend more impetus. I’ve already read several articles on how (from an occult perspective)  that the essence of the idea behind it may have created a tulpa or thoughtform that allows this to exist a little better in the real world. Indeed, their creation is entirely the same way in which Slenderman was formed so in theory it might be right given that it has influenced real world events, not that I’m saying that “its now become real”, rather that to some delusional and vulnerable out there, “its become a bit more real”. Just what if? (spooky…)

What ever the case, I think the Slenderman myth isn’t one that will stay dead..

BBC Newsbeat – Who is Slenderman and did he inspire a US stabbing?.


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