Zomtober Extra: My Horde, my horde, oh lordy lord!

8 Oct


Well, it’s not really another Zombtober entry, but I thought I’d show a bit more 15mm zombie related madness, this time I wanted to show you my still growing herd of walkers in the scale.

It’s made up from all of my finished zombies, small and larger sizes to represent human (or zombie) diversity.














I still have about half again in various sized singles, small swarms and medium sized swarms, which equates to a lot of zomers! I think I’m pretty much done with them as far as numbers are concerned, I reckon it’ll be survivor types from now on, lets face it, I’m going to need a fair few to cope with this lot! Plus I think i’ll be expanding some other baddies I already have (Grey Aliens & UFOs, werewolves, cultists, giant spiders etc) and lots of B-movie type villains that will fit with my modern city stuff. (Godzilla anyone?) Superhero battles would be good too, as would plenty of other options (vampires vs werewolves, civil unrest/riots, police vs gangs/terrorists and so forth.)

I’ll be back later with some more Zombtober inspired zombie themed stuff, and obviously later in the week with my next Zombtober entry.

Ciao for now!

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