Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

23 Sep

I just wanted to share this info graphic with you, the Uk Government are at it again with even more censorship planned, not only do they want to see us spoon fed exactly what info they feel is right, but they want to dictate your religious freedom.

Take a read and make your own mind up about it, sign the petition.

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Infographic: UK Filter to Block ‘Esoteric Content’ - Worldwide Implications



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2 Responses to “Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!”

  1. Gavin Syme September 23, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    This is an interesting post. On a basic level any government will attempt to impose itself for no other reason than to justify its own bureaucracy and further its own growth. But the internet cannot be governed easily and opt outs will be included for the minority who are firstly interested and secondly tech savvy enough to do more than press the apple button. Whatever they do will not stop people finding spiritualism online.

    I would like to think that people would be more concerned online with religion than spiritualism. There are a LOT of websites online that I would not want my children seeing. Most of those are ‘main stream’ religion rather than spiritualism. Freedom of expression vs freedom to ignore rubbish spread by the weak minded.



    • grimace73 September 23, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

      Thanks for your comment Gavin, For myself, the terms Spirituality and religion are interchangable, being brought up as a spiritualist, a lot of what could be classed under esoteria would be barred without the opt out, but I fail to see if the aim to stamp out pornography should ban these things. It would seem that if this comes into power, it wouldn’t be long before the Mary Whitehouse brigade start to think they can ban everything else. For me, I too don’t want my kids seeing objectionable sites and material, but what is net nanny software for, as we all have some kind of parental controls freely available to us web users. The mainstream religious movements of course will use it as an excuse to peddle more moral and immoral garbage, in a further crusade to try us on the fringe in more witchhunts, in a vain attempt to prove who god is bigger than the other, and fight in playground fashion, with our souls as the prize!
      Also how long before this effects us wargamers too? We frequent community based forums, groups and such, which seems like that will be effected also. Remember as well, the entire gaming world (be it electronic, tabletop or live action etc) thrives on concepts taken from actual esoteric subjects, magick, spirits, legends etc, what’s that going to be like, I can imagine that plenty of perfectly fine sites are going to be blocked without fair warning, that could really damage your sales if your someone who makes a living off fantasy/horror/scifi related stuff too.
      last time I looked around here, I wasn’t in communist China, but it would seem the the present government would like it to be! I agree that certain things on the net need to be addressed, but with an opt out, who knows if they will be keeping lists of those who decide to keep a free web? It would seem that each day, Big Brother scrutinises us more and more.
      In the event of Scotland becoming independent, I think I’m coming to live there, just vouch for me when I need a good word in for immigration purposes!!


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