Crowdfunding Spotlight: Creative Gamescapes Spaceship X Kickstarter

5 Sep

With only 3 days left on this impressive KS project, I wanted to point this out to folks who might want a piece of the action. This is something I would have been all over, if it hadn’t have been for the fact that the project creator not wanting to ship outside the US. Which is a real shame for the rest of us, since this scenery is quite literally out of this world.

Forget about the accompanying miniatures, this has shades of Necromunda all over it, and will fit any number of scifi wargaming scenarios too. It’s a nice bit of engineering, looking to be pretty versitile with its modular nature.

It really is a kick in the nuts that there isn’t even a way of paying the postage, and I’m sure that they have valid reasons for just shipping inland (Postage is always going to be a pain) but, that doesn’t make me feel any better for missing out on this great set, simply because I am here in the UK. Boo!

Go and check it out if you like, and I’ll try not to act jealous….

Creative Gamescapes Spaceship X by Creative Gamescapes — Kickstarter.

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