Chaos Worshippers! Strange monument to Azathoth appears in front of restaurant

31 Aug



Azathoth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Followers of the strange, might have seen this already, but for those who haven’t, in the US state of Oklahoma in a place called Paseo, a strange and unspeakable monument has turned up out of the blue.

No one apparently knows just who or what has put it there, or for what purpose, and it seems as if there could be a dark and brooding connection….

Inscribed on a brass plaque, it reads..

“In the year of our lord 2012, Creer Pipi, Claims this land for Azathoth

Is this an indication that sinister cults are up to no good? Or that cthonic entities are about to claw up some land in the new world? Crawling chaos indeed!

Well, as for Creer Pipi, it seems that the answer could be a few Mythos fans having a laugh, as Creer seems to mean “to believe” and Pipi literally is “Pee” or “Piss”! Quite literally they seem to be taking the piss!

The area is reportedly one of lots of arty types, and knowing lots of types like that, it wouldn’t surprise me this was the case.

However, there could indeed be more to this mystery if you take into account that there do exist actual covens of Neo pagan chaos magickians that really do use the whole HPL mythos in their rites and ceremonies, so in another sense we could be looking at a real attempt at some kind of fucked up new age occult rituals. Markers stones like this are used in the occult to create larger sacred working spaces and/or sanctify/corrupt the area for better use with rituals, in much the same way christians will bless or consecrate holy ground.

My money is on a joke, the creer pipi reference sort of gives it away.

Regardless, we might never know the truth behind the mystery, as it’s going to be removed anyway. I’m sure the culprits are basking in their 15 minutes of internet stardom….

Strange monument mysteriously shows up in front of Paseo area restaurant |

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4 Responses to “Chaos Worshippers! Strange monument to Azathoth appears in front of restaurant”

  1. Gavin Syme August 31, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    The dark lords of the chaotic plane must be hard done by is that is the best monument their earthly followers could afford. No tentacles, no skulls, no blood or horror. Poor show 🙂



    • grimace73 August 31, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

      Yes, more eyes, quivering inhuman limbs and gaping maws! Still, we have to realise the recession must be hitting them pretty bad!



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