Weird Science: Chimp + Pig = Human?

1 Aug


Totally bizarre news here, it would seem that some scientists would like us to believe that humans are the result of a wild pig breeding with a chimpanzee at some point of our history. Even so this might sound a little far fetched, it would explain why cannibal tribes describe human flesh as long pig (well, those who say it tastes of chicken might disagree…)

As much as the so called evidence can provide, I thought this was interesting, something I might like to include in the background fluff of my Oggam backstory as a bit of fun, well maybe, seeing as though this is all so far fetched!

With the crazy scientists at one end and their oddball theories, to the wacky creationists and their funny stories, I think it’s best to wait for some real evidence of our origins to turn up, either way I’m not going to loose too much sleep over it!

Anyway, heres the link to the info, so you can see for yourselves, and you can make your own mind up if we’re not just monkey’s cousins, but now we’re to include pigs in our family tree….

A chimp-pig hybrid origin for humans?.

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