Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mythical Lairs Kickstarter

20 Jun

It seems that modular terrain is the soup of the day at the moment,and that everyone’s at having a go at making sets for us to spend their money on. The only problem I can foresee like I mentioned before, was that you need to sell some internal organs on the black market to be able to afford enough to have a great set up.

You see, it’s not the quality that’s the problem, it’s the prices. Sure, I would love all this stuff, and all matching too, just that they really don’t accept Monopoly money as bona fide currency at the moment!

Back to the KS…Some of you might recognise some pieces from this as being Hirst Arts stuff, and you’d be right. It is, and apparently it’s the only officially licensed stuff you’ll get.

My problem is this. This KS is being plugged as “the new best thing in modular scenics doodah” type of affair, when clearly it isn’t, given that these are all cast from the original Hirst arts moulds. There is nothing new or revolutionary about that.

Yes Hirst arts moulds are great, and in high demand, but if your wanting more bang for your buck and can afford a bit, my advice is get some hirst arts moulds for yourself, along with a big sack of strong stone plaster and go and make it yourself. It seems a little harsh saying that, but it looks as if they are using some kind of plaster for these, with them stating that they all get a grey wash when cast (I’m pretty sure that resin requires more than a grey wash to get a finish like that, and looks suspiciously like some form of plaster with the matt finish you can see)

Modular scenery can be new and exciting, but I fail to see it here. Nice enough, but no cigar!

Anyway, who am I to poo poo this project, go and take a mosey over to the project page and make your mind up for yourself!!

Mythical Lairs – The Next Step in Dungeon Terrain by Kimberly Johnson — Kickstarter.

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