Kensei Oriental Fantasy Creatures on Indiegogo.

11 Apr

For those of you who like a little eastern take on your miniature wargaming, Kensei Miniatures have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get loads of great creatures into lead. I saw a few of the greens a while ago and was quite impressed with them, so it’s nice to see them finally going down the path of getting produced. Even so I don’t really do much 28mm gaming, let alone anything oriental inspired (I’m quite tempted to do some “Dynasty Warriors” style games in 15mm though!) I can see the appeal, and wouldn’t mind some of them to put on display on my shelves!

I really love the Oni and the big spider centaur lady, she’d certainly make a good leader for the few scorpion centaurs I have lurking in my lead mountain, and I could see the Oni joining up my Ogre mercs for my Warhammer orcs. As you can see, he’s a fearsome beast, and a cracking sculpt too!

Get on over to the campaign page and pledge if you like the look of these fantastic figures.

Kensei Fantasy Creatures | Indiegogo.

Peace out…..

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