Tales from the Poundshop: “Not” Micromachines as 10mm Cop cars!

10 Apr


A trip to the local poundland/99p stores turned up this great little pack of “not” micromachine type cars, and as I’m busy putting stuff away ready for when Pendraken’s 10mm zombie range comes out, these are going to be a great addition to modern city stuff for my board.


As you can see from the pics, while not all of them are what I’d call nicely made or presented, a few are actually quite good, especially the three included cop cars and a couple of the others.




As you can see from the close ups, they are pretty good models, although I will be painting the cop cars as UK versions, I’ll probably get a few more packs and keep a few more US styled ones too.  Below we have some of the other less attractive mini models, the black one is the reject of the batch, with its wheel base being too small for the chasis. It’ll probably turn out as a damaged or burned out piece, as could any of them since they all will be getting a paint job of some kind or another (What? did you think that I was going to leave them as is? not likely!!)


These next three are not too bad, with my plans to replicate my 15mm zombie stuff in 10mm, these 4×4’s will get repaints to match my 15mm versions, ok they won’t be a perfect match, but as long as they’re close enough, that’ll do me.



On to these of which you can see, one is the inferior crappy plastic (The army type 4×4) and the other two are the better made Micromachine rip offs. All are getting a repaint, the green one will get painted as a UK police 4×4, while the others will be toned down a little with more of a normal street car feel.



Ok, so there will be some purists out there telling me that micromachines aren’t what I should be using and I should be getting the N scale cars used for railway models. Well, I will probably do that as well, and various model kits and miniatures in roughly the right size, one of which is Pendrakens WW2 US army truck pictured below. Ok, so its a little smaller, but to be honest, its not too bad. as you might know, 10mm gaming is not a popular scale for moderns, so stuff to create a 10mm zombie apocolypse is thin on the ground, so lots of things are going to have to be the best match.


So what do 10mm figures scale like compared to the cars? See for yourself, against these 10mm scifi civvies they seem a pretty good match, now all I need is some 10mm coppers for them!!




If your a modern 10mm gamer who needs some cop cars and some civilian vehicles, you can’t do badly with these. At the price of a pound a pack, if your in the UK get along to your local cheapshop! I reckon these will probably be available in $ stores in the US too, or maybe a trawl around ebay will throw up some bargains with old micromachine stuff.

All I need now is a few ambulances, fire engines, delivery vans, buses…..

Peace out…

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