Oathsworn Miniatures- Kickstarting Dwarf campaign starts today!

8 Apr

I received news about this KS today, so I reckon I should let you guys know about the Oathsworn Dwarves KS that started today.

Now I have never been a fan of fantasy dwarves really, although there have been quite a lot of nice looking figures over the years, they never interested me very much to collect them other than a few bits here and there. I’ll try and say some positive things about Dwarves, however I generally feel a great deal of apathy toward the diminutive little fellers!!

Lets hope that the Oathsworn KS may change my mind. With a range being planned for the campaign that highlights ten of their legendary heroes. I must admit, the one example green from the range so far, does look pretty good and is quite a nice piece, I love the expression of grim determination on his face!

I think if the sculpts are as good as this, they could be on for a winner. My only criticism is that while this one is pretty good, the other concepts are lacking something. The poses seem to be a bit uninspired, being done many times before by many other miniature companies (There have been lots and lots of dwarven warriors done before, so I do think it’s hard to come up with “really” original new ideas as they have een done to death!) Hey, what do I know, I’m not a dwarf fan!

If you are a fan, and fancy getting involved to get your self a part of the action, check out the KS link below!!

Oathsworn: Heroes of the Dwarfs by Oathsworn Miniatures — Kickstarter.

Peace out!!…

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