Wargaming an urban warzone? Take a look at these…..

4 Apr

I saw a mention of these the other day, and I thought it would be of interest to the 15mm zombie enthusiast (and 28mm too)

This Commission Figurines KS is really up my alley, I could see loads of real zombie wargaming potential here, even so they  seem to be geared for WW2 games, these great looking modular ruins in 15mm/20mm/28mm scales would do for great zombie and near future settings. They make me want to start a entire ruined city board so I can platy games based on the Resistance video games!

Bad news is, I aint going to have any cash in my account to get some by the time it finishes in a few days time, so I hope that they’ll stay commercially available in the future. Theres only a few days left to back it, so if your needing stuff like this for either post apoc or modern what if stuff, I’d get some now, as they are pretty well priced too!

Being modular, they can be positioned in a range of combinations (as I understand) that’ll give you loads of different layouts. They are available in all three scales, so whatever size you play in. I really do like the look of these and am pretty gutted I didn’t see them when I had the cash! I wish them all the best with getting the final bit of funding needed to get the new lazer cutter!!

Modular Buildings and Ruins for Wargamers by Walter Anstiss — Kickstarter.

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