www.thegrinningskull.co.uk, the new home of The Grinning Skull!

2 Apr


I just wanted to tell you, that this mighty blog can now be found at www.thegrinningskull.co.uk, our new domain on the interwebs!

Yes, I suppose its been a long time coming, but I got there eventually, to be honest its taken a while to get the re directioning right, despite many useless emails to the domain seller! I can assure you that this is now a valid link and hopefully, we should start seeing a little difference in the search ratings (again hopefully!!)

Please let everyone know, spread the word. It’s a bit easier to remember without the extended subdomain (http://www.thegrinningskull.wordpress.com) but rest assured, you can still find it there too (if you prefer!)

Sheesh, the things I do to make life easier for you lot…..!!

Peace out….

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