Quick, Here come the running dead…!

17 Feb

I have done plenty of zombie related stuff in my time, from zombie themed LARP and airsoft events, and even some promo TV for a pub chain back in the day, but as we all know the undead are very “in” at the present. With every passing week there seems to be another madcap zombie idea comes to light that is meant to engage us fans of the genre and get us involved ready for the apocolypse.

This idea has been imported from the states to the shores of the UK in an attempt to make us a bit fitter and faster for the forthcoming zombie invasion. A zombie run!

The thought is that in these events, that we should get our running shoes on and peg it as fast as we can from the newer breed of faster more deadly undead toward the designated safe zone of the event. A sort of tag crossed with a short marathon. Several of these runs are set for the year up north and will no doubt be popular with those zombie fans with an emphasis on keeping fit.

Me for one am not sure that it’ll be for me, my fitness levels with running are a bit on the lacking side, I would much prefer to just pick something up and whack the bleeders repeatedly, or find a fast vehicle to deal with them! Lets face it, in the unlikely event of such an apocolypse happening, there would be very few “safe zones” and I imagine that with the amount of zombies one would have to contend with, you would not be able to run forever….

I do love the whole Z genre, but this I feel is pushing it just to cash in on the recent Walking dead phenomena, and even so I have been stated as saying things are better with an added zombie or two, there is a limit to what’s best suited for undead themes, this is pushing it to the limit! What ever next? zombie cookery classes? Zombie weight lifting challenge?  Zombie child day care or fashion shows?

Its bad enough that the media seems to be obsessed by poor zombie related projects (Warm bodies and World war Z, piss poor takes on the genre) S I fear it’s only a matter of time we see a total over saturation of sub standard zombie related material.

It looks like the zombie invasion has begun….

Check out Skulltopia events if you fancy the idea! Skulltopia Events.

Peace out….

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