Impact! Miniatures Australian Animals Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter

13 Feb

G’day mates! Back in the day when I used to play the Palladium RPG TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles as I’m sure your aware!) there was a supplement about the mutants creatures of Australia “Mutants of Oz” I think it was called, well that was my first thought when I saw these little beauties! Although for use as a fantasy football setting, there seem to be plenty of options for these critters including heads and weapon hands, so it would be easy to stick them in other settings without too much hassle.

I love the dingo optional “baby” hand, no disrespect to the famous Chamberlain case from years ago, but attention to details like this really highlight this set as a clever and unique set of miniatures!

If that has perked up your interest, click on the link and have a look!

Australian Animals Fantasy Football Team Miniatures by Impact! Miniatures — Kickstarter.

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