New release: SHM52 Criat Mercenary at

8 Feb

Cultist shown for size comparison

Well, I thought I would let you know that my first 15mm sculpt is now available in the SHM range from! Priced at 65p each, they are a unique race for your 15mm scifi gaming, painting or collection. For those who like a little fluff background,  The Criat is a large humanoid marsupial mammal with a voracious hunger due to their hyper metabolism. They are often found in private armies employ, in return for vast quantities of food as payment for their services. In order to function normally the criat must consume several times their own body weight per day, or eventually fall into a state of hibernation until such food becomes available. Of course you are free to devise your own fluff and paint schemes for your own games, and I hope you like it!

Fancy that eh? I suppose I’m a bonafide 15mm sculptor at last! This figure was among the first ever 15mm sculpts I did, and while it won’t be to everyones taste, I know there will be some who can appreciate the cartoony and humorous nature I intended with him, and lots of the stuff I do. If there is any one out there who get some of these, please send me some pics and details of what you used them for, I really would love to see them in action in your 15mm games (or even other scales or dioramas etc)

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m working on a few different criat, armed with different weapons, poses and equipment, I’ll let you know as and when they become available.

I do really like how they are quite good for mad colour schemes, I plan a few different paintjobs for them, and it’ll be good to see them in other crazy colours by other gamers.


Check it out, spread some 15mm cartoony wargaming goodness and get some!

SHM52 Criat Mercenary

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