Evil Empire GW Corporate Bully boys at it again!

8 Feb
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English: Games Workshop, Castle Court shopping centre, Royal Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, January 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Games Workshop

Games Workshop Nazi bastards (Photo credit: sinanyuzakli)

There seems to be a real stink up about the latest stunt being pulled by hobby bully boys, Games Workshop, this time it seems they are trying to assert their IP and clout over their supposed trademark of the words “Space Marine”!

M.C.A. Hogarth is a writer of indie fiction who is in bother over her latest book available on Amazon has caught the attention of the infamous and feared GW legal team over her book “Spots the Space Marine”, a book not connected in any way with the GW war machine.

Apparently they own the term “Space Marine” and are prepared to defend it with an almost 40k like fevour. Ms. Hogarth has had the book pulled by amazon even so she has been requested to comply with the usual bullshit “cease and desist” nonsense they scare any who would dare challenge their Sith like dictatorship they lord over the hobby industry and beyond. Once again the big Orwellian boot of corporate big brother GW tries to stamp on the face of the little guy.

It is no surprise that in their attempt to try and trademark chunks of the english language, they fail to realise the term “Space Marine” was coined many, many years before, and that it’s behavior is going to turn off GW customers in droves, and make the ever growing army of GW haters swell in their ranks!

GW are nothing but a pale ghost of what they once were, once a vibrant and open hearted hobby gaming company that supported many ideas, indie games and truly inspiring products. Now it’s just a puppet show headed by money men and brainwashed sycophants who rule the isolated branded “hobby shops” with a nazi like grip. Hey kids!, if it’s not GW, its not worth shit!

I urge you to show your support and send the GW legal dept a message to see if sheer people power can get them to back down with this crap they are pulling. I will post up the email addy’s of the right departments later for those out there that are too lazy to put in a google search, as well as a copy of my email I intend to send the fuckers! I intend to give them a real anti-GW rant, so I hope to get a funny answer.

Obviously, I will publish the reply I get, lets hope it’s not just a standard blah blah bollocks, but watch this space (Marine!)

Check out Ms Hogarths site via the link below, and lend your support!

In the Future, All Space Marines Will Be Warhammer 40K Space Marines | MCAH Online.

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3 Responses to “Evil Empire GW Corporate Bully boys at it again!”

  1. shortymonster February 8, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    Lordy… I remember drifting away from GW when money became an issue. Pretty much when I moved out of my parent’s house and needed said money for food and shelter. Can’t believe the big brass balls on these people.


    • grimace73 February 8, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

      GW have lost touch with reality. What with the staggering price hike (especially with the ridiculous finecast crap!)
      If GW actually get to enforce the space marine trademark, it’s going to stop everyone else using the two words together as they have been doing since the first part of the 20th century in scifi media. One thing is sure, this is going to result in many hobbyists avoiding them like the plague!!



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